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Book Review – The Dry – Jane Harper

Hello everyone! I am here to share with you my recent book experience, and Man I Loved every minute of it! I hope you feel the same way too. Do share your comments on the book, if you chose to read it! So here we go.

My recent read is a novel by Jane Harper, The Dry. The novel marks the first of the Aaron Falk series, and its a 4 pointer on Goodreads!

Set in the sub-urban small town of Australia, this crime thriller is a definite page turner. Federal Agent Aaron Falk hesitantly returns to his hometown following the deaths of his childhood best friend Luke, who shot and killed his wife and infant son. As the town rots due to dryness and scarcity, the locals believe the deaths are just the result of the nature’s ill fate. Soon the mysteries of his past haunt him, and he’s reluctant to leave the town as soon as he can. But a local cop starts to unravel the truth, and it gets dangerous than it seems to be.

Now the Australian set up is a bit new for me, but the author had done a pretty great job by taking the imagination right to the spot. There are fewer, yet well defined characters in the book, including the leading protagonist Aaron Falk, and his local detective friend.


This is what David Baldacci has to say, when he gave the book a read!


The book is followed by the sequel Force of Nature, released earlier this year. I have already added the book to my to-read list. What about you?

If you’re a crime fiction lover who wouldn’t mind spending a bit more time on a medium-paced novel, then this could be for you!

Here is where you buy the book on Amazon –

I read by Kindle myself, so if you’re looking for a mobi version of this book, do ping me. I could lend you a copy, why not!

Happy reading guys!


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