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Secret of Successful Marriage!

Someone once remarked that everyone wants to know the secret of a successful marriage, yet no one seems to know it because it is a “well kept secret“! But you know what I like to believe? I believe, deep inside, everyone knows what that secret is, and maybe it is not so well practised!

Discover new love and respect for each other, and let them grow every day!

Marriage could be of any kind. Yours could have been an arranged one, or you’re married to your childhood sweetheart, or maybe a mix of both! As contemporary as our life has become, the “love before marriage” is a common and interesting factor to exist, but “love after marriage” is very crucial challenge to WIN!

A little tip from me. You know what strengthens love? TRUST! Unobstructed by doubts, and mistrust, love matures and grows! This could avoid tons of silly yet darning arguments between the couple, and who knows? A fresh and renewed healthy conversation might blossom. Beautiful, isn’t it?

You chose your partner for a reason. In time you realise the value of that person, your respect for them increases. The more you give respect, the more you will receive in return. See the logic? THIS is how mutual love develops and blossoms like the beauty is it!

We live in a world where life has become a mechanical routine, rather than a lively one! They say, “Simple things could lead to bigger pleasures”. I myself find it to be true. By NOW, you would have realized a few things like trust, respect, value and their importance in your marriage!

YOU take care of your wonderful life you’ve made for yourself, rest is all just a background noise.

See you soon!

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