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Book Review – The Fear – C.L.Taylor

Hey world!

How have you been? Today I am reviewing a book I just completed reading. It is called “The Fear” by C.L.Taylor. I started reading the book yesterday morning, and I can’t believe the book is already over by now! It is a fast paced, page turner. I give her that.


Before I share my insights about the book, here is how the storyline goes.

Present: Lou Wandsworth is successful in her London job. She has got some hard-earned friends, though not a longtime relationship (or a boyfriend!). But she has a troubled past, that she refuses to leave behind. With the death of her father, she’s forced to go back to her childhood home to sell the property. This trip brings back memories she wants to forget.

Past: 13 year old Lou ran away with her karate teacher Mike to France, who she thought was her soulmate. Little she knew what he had in mind to do to her.

‘Please,please don’t do this. Mike, please, if you loved me you wouldn’t do this. Please, Mike.’

‘I’m doing it because I love you,’ he says as he shoves a sock into my mouth, presses the tape over the top and ties my wrists to the bedposts. ‘Sometimes I think I love you too much.’

Present again: When she returns home, she finds Mike involved with yet another 13 year old vulnerable girl Chloe Meadows, who would most likely become his latest victim. Lou is determined to do anything to stop Mike from doing what he is doing. Will she stop the predator before it’s too late?

The story shifts between the present and past showing Lou’s memories. Even though the writing is face paced, the character sketch and the story of past, makes the book more predictable. But I am giving it for Taylor’s skilled writing, as she compels her readers to turn pages, and not to keep the book down.

It’s been a great quick read for me. Something I’ve been wanting for weeks now. If you are really looking for a fast, not-so-heavy, easy to read crime novel, then this one is for you!

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Until next time! Xo!

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