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Book Review – Our House – Louise Candlish

Hey guys!
Happy weekend it’s been for me. What about you all?
Today, I wrapped up a great book I’ve been reading. Its called “Our House” written by Louise Candlish.

Our House

How would you feel when you get home to find strangers moving into YOUR house? That’s exactly what Fiona Lawson sees, when she comes home. In her brain, it’s not happening. How could it happen? People can’t just let themselves in, when you have not sold your house, isn’t?

She and her husband Bram have a contemporary co-parenting agreement, where they take equal turns with their boys Leo and Harry, in their home, while the other parent resides in a nearby rented flat. This way, the boys are always home, whereas the parents never have to face each other at the same time. Modern way of establishing peace within families! But somehow, this arrangement causes nothing less than chaos in Fi’s life, as the nest comes down crumbling.

As she enters her home, all her precious belongings are removed, vanished from the house and occupied by the new owners. Most importantly, Bram has disappeared too. Soon she discovers, that her children are not in their school.

All eyes fix on Bram’s disappearance, as several questions began to rise. Lies, betrayal, heartbreak, affair, that Fi discovers makes us wonder how much they knew each others over the years. But Bram isn’t the one with secrets, isn’t he? Some secrets are meant to be buried, hidden from the outside world, just to avoid chaos.

Now, that’s an interesting “Crime Thriller”, very domestic, indeed. The author has chosen some interesting mediums to narrate the story. The lead characters talk to us in informal ways, Fi narrates her story in a local Podcast, while Bram’s confession is revealed in the form of a word document (titled “Suicide note”). This is just enough to make the reader glued to the book till the last page.

The confessions are ironically funny, and relatable. It could just happen to any of us in actual life, which makes the book more close to heart. Qualities of a good book! The author makes several quotations about the lives of a modern day husband and wife, and what goes inside their heads. Clearly, the male brain works in the exact opposite way to a female’s.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It’s funny, yet thrilling in it’s own (psychological) way. Its made my weekend a great one.

Do I recommend it to my fellow readers? Of course I do. It’s a great write up, with a creative plot, to keep us hinged till the very last page.

Get yourself a copy of the book at amazon here,

Hope you guys have a good week too. until next time. Xo!


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