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Relationship question :Are you similar or opposites?

When I first met my husband, my best friend pointed out something about me ..
He said, “You were always searching for your ‘yin’ so that you could be ‘Yin and Yin’ in your life.” He told me, “You and your husband are Yin and Yang. ”

He’s right. Before my husband came along ,I’ve always looked out for someone like me – straight forward, pre-planned, and futuristic. My husband on the other hand, couldn’t be more laid back and composed. As we fell in love and got married, that balance had become the key for our relationship. I’d freak the hell out, while he would stay totally calm, playing his mobile games, and probably wouldn’t even hear me.

For example, I manage our home and plan our dates, while he takes the financial part of it. Because that’s where I lack my confidence, while he can be totally calculative. While he can be hesitant to make a decision, I step up to the point as I can think ahead for both of us.

We’re also different in random ways.
• He can keep up anything and everything, while I can’t even hold my feelings for a moment. I burst out my anger, fear, happiness, excitement, curiosity, while he can show almost nothing.
• It takes an expert eye (like me) to identify what he’s really up to. While I’m a clean open book.
• While I like to keep myself posted with international affairs and worldly news, he is a bit political.
• While I’m a private person, he’s more of a family-first kind of guy.
• He likes Switzerland’s ice and snow, while I love Bora Bora’s sunny beaches.

What about you? Similar couples work too. My friend and her husband are mirror images. I know this because I’ve seen the best and worst of her, and I see the same craziness oozing from her husband. And he’s not even noticed that. That’s really sweet right ? Doing some crazy things together.

Are you similar to your partner? Or opposites? How does that work things for you? I’d love to hear from you..

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