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What Makes You Go Crazy About Your Partner?

Sometime into our married life, I realised…
… that as much as we love each other, there are so many little things that would drive us insane.

For instance, my husband has this habit of keeping himself occupied all the time, from the minute he enters home, either with his mobile or his laptop. Or by doing speed cubing. Yes, he’s absolutely crazy about all kinds of speed cubing, including blindfolded (not as sexy as it sounds!), and one hand. He even has this headset to avoid any noise (apparently that’s me) while he’s solving them.


You can imagine the situation here. It drives me nuts. But on the brighter side, it’s also a distraction. I take this wonderful time to be with my books and kindle.

There’s this saying that goes, “Husbands are the best secret keepers, because they aren’t even listening.”
This is simply true, don’t you see?
But that’s okay, because it’s never easy to live with anyone for that instance, without getting on to each others nerves a bit.

At the end of the day these little things actually appear cute rather than being annoying, because without these, life would some how become nonexistent and imaginary. This is how we balance each other, and stay in peace. I’m pretty sure, my husband his own list of my habits, and that’s how imperfect we’re for each other. To us, that’s what makes our relationship lovely and lively. If my husband decides to change any of his tiniest habits, I’ll most certainly miss them.

It’s your turn now, come share this with me: what drive you nuts about your partner? BE HONEST, and anonymous, if you like.

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