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Attachment and Love!

Attachment pollutes the pure floe of love. You should understand the difference between the two. When you love someone, you want to make the other person happy. You serve selflessly, tirelessly and take complete joy in loving and giving yourself in the process. Whereas in attachment, you want to make yourself happy. See the difference? It’s so thin to naked eye, that its almost negligible!

Love! It gets polluted by demands and expectations, possessiveness and jealousy, insecurity and suspicion. when you love each other ‘because of’ something, then of that cause goes away, the love also vanishes. The Cause for alarm!

A girl asked her fiancé, “Do you love me because of my father’s money?” The boy replied, “Of Course not! I will still love you even if it’s your rich uncle’s money!”

Pun aside, REAL love is something which comes ‘in spite’ of any external consequences or differences! Changing situations cannot rock a stable marriage that is anchored on mutual love and respect for one another. when the anchor is strong, not even the fiercest of storms can sweep the ship from shore. That, my lovelies, is the enigma of the lasting bond of true love.

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