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The Higher Purpose Of Marriage

Higher.jpgEvery action has its equal and opposite reaction.

How true is the above statement? Newton had got it damn right!

At this point, we as humans should stay clear of the brutal fact that, every action we undertake, has its own consequences, that will come back to haunt us in the future. while some are good, some are bad. Some can be exciting, while can only bring distress. Open mindedness can help you go through with making decisions as well as facing the aftermath.

Most of us have the vaguest idea about life and future. We all these superficial, almost-fantasy dreams, don’t we? That’s the beauty of dreams. They can be absolutely superficial, and not every dream has to come true!

A young boy was asked why he went to college. “Because a degree is all it takes, to get a girl these days”, he said.

I met a friend of mine one day. He gave me the news about his married being fixed suddenly, and how ready he was all-of-a-sudden to get it done! I asked him why! You see, I was utterly surprised by his decision, because this is not a person who has always wanted a normal life like any of us, to get married and settle down at 40! He is the personification of a contemporary man. And he said, “It’s not exactly a wilful act. It just happened so suddenly, that one day I woke up and found myself to be married!”

While I gave my friendly inputs on a marital life ahead, I also came home with heavy thoughts about the relationships and the effort taken to be in it! Has life come so modern, that we fail to notice true love for each other, I wonder.

What are your thoughts? Do you think contemporary lifestyle is what we need to opt to?


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