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Book Review – Three Days Missing – Kimberly Belle

Three Days Missing by Kimberly Belle

Published: 26 July 2018 by Park Row

Swathi’s Rating: 4/5

Verdict: A powerful storyline with a riveting climax.

This is one of the books I’ve read so long ago, and missed to write about it, which is a sin because this is such a wonderful read. I had a pleasant time reading this one, and I hope you guys enjoy my recommendation as much I did. Here’s the plot for you.


It’s every parent’s worst nightmare: the call that comes in the middle of the night. When Kat Jenkins awakens to the police on her doorstep, her greatest fear is realized. Her nine-year-old son, Ethan, is missing—vanished from the cabin where he’d been on an overnight class trip. Shocked and distraught, Kat rushes to the campground, but she’s too late; the authorities have returned from their search empty-handed after losing Ethan’s trail in the mountain forest.

Another mother from the school, Stef Huntington, seems like she has it all: money, prominence in the community, a popular son and a loving husband. She hardly knows Kat, except for the vicious gossip that swirls around Kat’s traumatic past. But as the police investigation unfolds, Ethan’s disappearance has earth-shattering consequences for Stef, as her path crosses with Kat. As the two mothers race against the clock, their desperate search for answers reveals how the greatest dangers lie behind the everyday smiles of those they trust the most.

Kimberly BelleAuthor Bio

Kimberly Belle is the bestselling author of The Marriage Lie, The Last Breath, and The Ones We Trust. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Agnes Scott College and has worked in fundraising for nonprofits at home and abroad. She divides her time between Atlanta and Amsterdam.

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Swathi’s Review:

This story is narrated by the two women in picture, Kat and Stephanie. These are two different women, whose characters were developed so meticulously through some sensitive writing. I found it very easy to shift between the characters, as if I had known them in person. Brownie points to the author for that.

Two stories blend well with each other, as I started liking one women more than the other. It’s natural, and glides so well with the reality. I have always loved a story of missing children fighting against an impossible time frame. There are so many possibilities, so many questions when you read through it, unfortunately you’ll have to wait and read patiently to know the end. There are times when I was so intimidated by the urge to skip to the very last chapter and read the climax, but that’s not fair, isn’t it?!

I recommend this book to all women out there, with kids especially, as this story conveys some valuable lesson to all of us, the importance of life. This is a well written domestic noir with an interesting storyline.

I received this book from this publisher in exchange of my honest review. All the opinions are my own.

Happy reading. XoXo!

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