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September Haul – Here are the Books I’ve Read, Loved & Recommended!

Hey there lovelies!

I’ve had a great September, this year! Mainly because the darling Husband of mine gifted me this beautiful site, that is why! Adding to the merriment, I had the pleasure of reading some really wonderful books last months, some of which I am here to mention here today, as I recall my reading experiences. Also, the books are out now, so if you like anything you see, you could just order it right away and read it! Here we go!

See something you like? Let’s chat about it!

1. Inhuman Resources by Pierre LeMaitre

Published 06 September 2018, Translated from the French, the story revolves around a man in his late 50s working so hard to find a dignified job. He would do anything for a job, beg, borrow, steal, whichever it might be. When he is confronted by a prestigious Corporate company with a strange offer, an ultimate recruitment test, he could not/would not want to refuse.

But if he suddenly realized that the dice had been loaded against him from the start, his fury would be limitless.

And what began as a role-play game could quickly become a bloodbath.

Sounds interesting? Click here to know more about this book.

2. Leave No Trace by Mindy Mejia

Published 04/09, This book is a psychological suspense thriller that revolves around a speech therapist Maya whose life takes an unexpected turn when she is assigned to a difficult patient – a boy, who after spending 10 years into the wilderness, is as silent as a dead night. He won’t respond to anybody but Maya. He had fled with his father into the forest 10 years ago, lived there among the wild, and presumed dead to the outside world. Now, the father is still missing, and the son wont talk! Maya would go to any extent to unite the lost son with his dad, but is it worth the struggle?

This is a very intriguing book knit very carefully with the right sentiments. Head over to my review here to learn more.

 3. The Darkest Place by Jo Spain

Published 20/09. Jo Spain is one author I’ve enjoyed reading, and this book is no exception. ‘Island of the Lost was the isle’s name long before the hospital was built. In winter, they say the fog falls so heavy there that you can’t see your hand in front of your face. Storms rage so forcefully you can be blown from the cliffs. Once St. Christina’s was built, the name took on a new meaning. Very few who went into that place ever left.’

How does that sound? Creepy? Interesting? Scary? Well, its a mixture of all those! Learn more

 4. A Little Bird Told Me by Marianne Holmes

Published 13/09. This is a debut novel that really feel like one. It’s a soft Domestic Noir that will give the fear and creeps while reading. In the scorching summer of 1976, Robyn spends her days swimming at the Lido and tagging after her brother. It’s the perfect holiday–except for the crying women her mum keeps bringing home. Twelve years later, Robyn returns home, to a house that has stood empty for years and a town that hasn’t moved on, forced to confront the mystery that haunted her that summer.

And atone for the part she played in it.

Click here for a full review.

 5. The Secrets We Carried by Mary McNear

Published 25/09.

Quinn LaPointe grew up on beautiful Butternut Lake, safe, secure, sure of her future. But after a high school tragedy, she left for college and never looked back. Becoming a successful writer in Chicago, she worked to keep out the dark memories of an accident that upended her life. But now, after ten years, she’s finally returned home.

Butternut is the same, and yet everything is changed. Gabriel Shipp, once her very best friend, doesn’t want anything to do with her. The charming guy she remembers is now brooding and withdrawn. Tanner Lightman, the seductive brother of her late boyfriend, wants her to stick around. Annika Bergstrom, an old classmate who once hated Quinn, is now friendly. Everyone, it seems, has a secret. When she finds it out, will it break her heart? Will it heal her?

Click to read more about the book.

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