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Book Review – Date with My Boss’s Daughter – Darek Black

Date with My Boss’s Daughter – Darek Black

Genre: Romantic Comedy/ New Adult

Swathi’s Rating: 4/5

Verdict: A hot and spicy contemporary romance to brighten your day.

Book Blurb:

What could possibly happen when an employee at a major advertising agency makes the ambitious decision to go out on a date with his boss’s daughter? It’s a night that Bobby Hunter will never forget.


Author Bio: 

He loves to write, whether it’s books, poetry, blogs. “Date with My Boss’s Daughter” is my first published book. Currently, He is working on
releasing his second book and completing the final touches of hi third. When he’s not writing, he binges on books, articles, Netflix, and sports.


Read an exclusive interview with Derek Here.

Swathi’s Review:

I have always been a fan of contemporary romance with a bit of erotica in it! Although I prefer fast paced crime thrillers to keep up with my day, these feel-good books can match up any mood – good or bad. That’s exactly how it felt when I was reading this little Book offered to me by the author. It’s been long since I touched my Kindle – I haven’t even charged it for days. How rude of me to let it drain like that! Thanks to Derek who made me cuddle up with my Kindle and read this Hot snippet of a story!

First thing I noticed and liked instantaneously is the narrator who is a GUY! Now, I’ve read numerous books including the very famous Fifty Shades of Grey, all of those narrated by a female but never a male! There was the final instalment to the series named ‘Grey’ narrated by Christian Grey, which only made him look even worse than he already was! Being a girl, it’s fun to get to know the inner voices of a male brain. Reading it in a book is very rare, and rarely any good. They are either exaggerated or superficial.

This particular narrator gives himself a name, which may or may not be his original name. As a reader we are never sure we can trust the narrative that he is weaving. This is the great strength of the novel. It’s the ‘honest thoughts’ of the narrator that makes you giggle and turn pages automatically because you want to know what exactly happened on their date!

Without giving away much, I am recommending this book for a fun filled, Hot quickie read on your coffee break?! Trust me, it should fit right in! I am looking forward to read a sequel to this book as well as more of Derek’s works!

I received this book from the author in exchange of my honest opinion. All opinions are mine.

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  • Darek Black

    Hi Priya,
    Thank you very much for the kind review! Your blog is great in that it is entertaining, engaging, and informative.

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