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Book Review – The Forbidden Quest Of Mysore – Puneeth JH

Book Review – The Forbidden Quest Of Mysore – Puneeth JH

Genre: Historical Fiction/ Suspense

Published: October 8th 2018 by Half Baked Beans

Swathi’s Rating: 4/5

Verdict: A beautiful mix of love, culture, history, politics and many more.

Hey guys!

For all of you who were searching for a nice Historical Mystery to read – THIS is for you! Read along the Plot and I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did!


Around 1500 a famous astrophysicist Yagnabhatta created an ancient enigma, Gandabaerunda. To protect it from falling into the wrong hands, the great King Krishna Devaraya hid it in Mysore. Ever since then, the chase behind it has never stopped. Back in 2017, there lived a self-claimed archaeologist, Amar. He loved an intellectual girl, Pooja. Like every other Indian love story, they too had hurdles. Pooja was elder, and her father was rich. Their families were of a different caste and spoke different languages. Yet they never stopped loving each other. Embrace into the city of palaces as Amar and Pooja go in search of an impossible mission.

Can the couple overcome the trials to decode the hidden secrets of the King Raja Wodeyar III?

Can they fight the prejudices of the Indian society to get married?

Author’s Bio:

He is a Bangalore based techie and a thriving writer, relishing in Nuremberg.

He penned his first book, “Love, lust, and loyalty in a girl’s life”, when he was 19-years-old, and self-published it in 2015, four years later with Partridge India.

While his second book “The Forbidden Quest of Mysore” is topping the amazon sales, he is busy writing, reviewing, and bettering his third work, “What it means to be a woman in India” and expect to bring it out soon.

Swathi’s review:

What to Expect: A feel good romance, and a brainstorming treasure hunt to find the forbidden mysteries that are hidden in the past. A honest show of the Indian Political system and the aftermath of it’s corruptions is well written.

What is New: The author has done an amazing job tackling Indian History and Facts very well into a clean Fictitious Novel. Get to know the significance of Mysore’s vast culture and long lost History behind the gorgeous sites that adorn the city’s landscape. Written and conveyed beautifully are the importance of Arts of Dance and Music in ancient India.

Narration and Characters: The story revolves around the lead protagonists and the supporting characters (which are very few and unique) are very well described by the author. The narration of such tedious clues and descriptions of Treasure hunts are well written without redundancy. The clear cut definitions saves and guides the reader through the Quest structured by the author!

Concluding Thoughts: A beautiful romantic story that is tangled with the pacing Hunt for Treasure in this fast moving Historical Fiction.

My sincere thanks to the Publisher for the copy. Opinions are honest and they’re solely mine.

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