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Book Review – We Can See You – Simon Kernick

We Can See You by Simon Kernick

Genre: Suspense Thriller

Published: November 29th 2018 by Century

Swathi’s Rating: 4/5

Verdict: fast paced, deeply absorbing, adventurous ride that hooks the readers from the very first page!

Hey peeps,

Let me first wish you all a very happy New Year. I have had a great year reading some amazing books and getting to know many new authors, whose works I loved and adored! Today I am so excited to share my thoughts on this fantastic Thriller that the fans of Simon Kernick and Crime Thrillers MUST Read!



You have it all. Success, a beautiful home, a happy family.

Until, in a heartbeat, it’s gone.

We’ve kidnapped your daughter, and we know everything about you. Including the dark secrets from your past you thought were forgotten.

We tell you not to contact the police – and that we’ll know if you do. Because we can see you. 

And now you know this is no ordinary abduction. It’s worse. Within hours you’re on the run, with only one thought in your head:

That you will stop at nothing to get your daughter back.

Even murder…

Editorial Reviews:

“An emotionally punchy domestic noir blended with the pace and action of a high-octane thriller, WE CAN SEE YOU will keep you breathlessly on the edge of your seat, wondering which character you can trust, if any at all, until the final brilliant twist! A #WTFthatending indeed!” – SARAH PINBOROUGH, author of BEHIND HER EYES and CROSS HER HEART

“A pacy thriller, with a body count that rises along with the tension levels” – SUNDAY MIRROR

Simon Kernick manages to ring fresh changes (and revelations) at every point… He remains one of the most consistently suspenseful and ingenious writers in the field” – CRIME TIME

Author Bio:

Simon Kernick (born 1966 in Slough, Berkshire) is a British thriller/crime writer now living in Oxfordshire with his wife and two daughters. He attended Gillotts School, a comprehensive in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire. Whilst he was a student his jobs included fruit picker and Christmas-tree uprooter. He graduated from Brighton Polytechnic in 1991 with a degree in humanities. Kernick had a passion for crime fiction writing from a young age and produced many short stories during his time at polytechnic. After graduating Kernick joined MMT Computing in London in early 1992, where a relative was the Chairman and Managing Director. Kernick was a key member of the sales team and was very highly regarded. However, he left the company after 4 years in the hope of trying to secure a publishing deal. Despite interest from a number of publishers Kernick was unable to secure a deal, so he joined the sales force of the specialist IT and Business Consultancy Metaskil plc in Aldermaston, Berkshire in 1998 where he remained until he secured his first book deal (The Business of Dying) in September 2001. His novel Relentless was recommended on Richard & Judy’s Summer book club 2007. It was the 8th best-selling paperback, and the best-selling thriller in the UK in the same year.

Swathi’s Review:

A young successful author has a happy marriage and a beautiful daughter, and life is good. Until one she comes home to see her daughter and nanny gone missing. There is a note on the kitchen, probably from the kidnappers that says ‘We Can See You’. This just means she has to follow exactly what they instruct her, in order to get her kid back!

Narrated from the alternative perspectives of Brook and the Detective duo Tyrone Giant and Jenna King, Simon Kernick has assured the edge of seat experience for his readers in this fast paced, roller coaster ride. If you’re a fan of Simon’s books, you might know his short chapters with a definite twist in the end, thus making the pages turn automatically! ‘One more chapter’ and I kept reading until I reached the very last chapter!

Simon gives the ferocious villains who would do anything to stay alive, and Brook finds herself in various life or death situations during her quest to find her kidnapped daughter. I loved Brook’s confidence and her inner braveness to risk her life for her daughter’s.

I was so absorbed in the story that I travelled with Brooke to find who hated her so much that they want to her so badly? Books like these should be on TV or Netflix and I do not know why Simon hasn’t yet opted to do just that! We Can See You is a fast paced, deeply absorbing, adventurous ride that hooks the readers from the very first page!

Thank you Penguin Random House UK for an advanced copy. All opinions are mine and they remain unbiased.


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