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Book Review – The Night Visitors ~ Carol Goodman

‘The Night Visitors’ by Carol Goodman

Genre: Fiction / Thrillers / Psychological

Published: March 26, 2019 by William Morrow

Swathi’s Rating: 4.5/5

Verdict: An utterly thrilling, edge of the seat experience!!


So I am slowly rounding up with some fantastic books that I have read and enjoyed during the past two months. Good news is, these books are out now and you can grab them anytime you want!! I am back with a scintillating thriller by Carol Goodman. It is also atmospheric and gripping until the very last page! Can’t believe I devoured this book in one sitting!! Read along and I hope you like the book as much as I did. Happy reading !! 🙂


ALICE gets off a bus in the middle of a snowstorm in Delphi, NY. She is fleeing an abusive relationship and desperate to protect…

OREN, ten years old, a major Star Wars fan and wise beyond his years. Though Alice is wary, Oren bonds nearly instantly with…

MATTIE, a social worker in her fifties who lives in an enormous run-down house in the middle of the woods. Mattie lives alone and is always available, and so she is the person the hotline always calls when they need a late-night pickup. And although according to protocol Mattie should take Alice and Oren to a local shelter, instead she brings them home for the night. She has plenty of room, she says. What she doesn’t say is that Oren reminds her of her little brother, who died thirty years ago at the age of ten.

But Mattie isn’t the only one withholding elements of the truth. Alice is keeping her own secrets. And as the snowstorm worsens around them, each woman’s past will prove itself unburied, stirring up threats both within and without.

Swathi’s Review:

The story is narrated through the perspectives of Alice and Mattie. Mattie is a social worker who lives alone in a large victorian house that once belonged to her parents. The house is old and decaying and has a history and plays as much a strong role as the other characters in the book! Alice and Oren are on run. Oren is a 10 year old kid who is sharp and observing. Alice finds more and more intimidated by oren’s boyish nature and struggles to keep up with the boy.

As they arrive at the middle of the night by bus in a hope to find a place to stay safe and low, they’re met by a total stranger Mattie who offers to help them. She works for the charity agency and promises to find a placement that will keep them safe, but they just have to spend the night at Mattie’s old big house! In the middle of a huge storm approaching, Alice has no other way than to stay with Mattie.

Mattie finds herself attached to Oren more and more as the kid starts to remind her of her long dead brother. Tension starts to creep into the house as the darkness and snowstorm trap these three in solitude. Each of these character is hiding something and the solitude starts threatening their lives altogether. Who can be trusted? Will the secrets be revealed?

What can I say? This is a perfect book for those who enjoyed reading The Hunting Party which was a superhit thriller recently! But you know what makes this book very unique and more intriguing? There is a touch of supernatural element in this book, which made me shudder at some places. It only adds tension to the narrative and keeps the reader hooked. It’s perfect to binge read over the weekend as the pace of the book is quick and twisty with short chapters!

My sincere thanks to JKS Communications for sending me a copy of the book in exchange of my honest opinion.

Author Bio:

Carol Goodman is the critically acclaimed author of twenty novels, including The Lake of Dead Languages and The Seduction of Water, which won the Hammett Prize. Her books have been translated into sixteen languages. She lives in the Hudson Valley with her family, and teaches creative writing at the New School and SUNY New Paltz.

She tweets @C_Goodmania and repped by the brilliant peeps of JKS Communications @JKSlitpublicity


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