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Book Review – Our Stop ~ Laura Jane Williams

Our Stop by Laura Jane Williams

Genre: Contemporary Romance/ Rom-Com

Published: 2019, Avon, HarperCollins

Rating: 5/5

Hey guys!

So excited to share my thoughts on this book I binge-read last week. Gosh, it felt so good to read this one. Such lovely characters and I giggled, smiled and wished to God those two got together sooner, but didn’t want the book to end! Good news is the author is writing a new book which comes out next july (Long time, I know!!!!!) and I can’t to read it any sooner!!

SO FRI-YAY is here and what are you reading this weekend?!! 🙂


Sliding Doors meets Sally Thorne and Jasmine Guillory in this warm, witty and wonderful new rom com

What if you almost missed the love of your life?

Nadia gets the 07.30 train every morning without fail. Well, except if she oversleeps or wakes up at her friend Emma’s after too much wine.

Daniel really does get the 07.30 train every morning, which is easy because he hasn’t been able to sleep properly since his dad died.

One morning, Nadia’s eye catches sight of a post in the daily paper:

To the cute girl with the coffee stains on her dress. I’m the guy who’s always standing near the doors… Drink sometime?

So begins a not-quite-romance of near-misses, true love, and the power of the written word.

A wonderfully funny will-they-won’t-they romance told with real emotional honesty, perfect for those who loved Sally Thorne’s 99% Mine and Helena Hunting.


Swathi’s Thoughts:

This is a modern day love story of two lovely people Nadia and Daniel travel in the same 7.30am tube.

Nadia works in Artificial intelligence, where she designs robots that would work without human interference. She’s recently dumped by her awful ex-boyfriend who she tries to take off her mind by following a new routine and trying really hard to keep it up! Her best friends Emma and Gaby encourage her as her greatest pillar of support.

Daniel, who’s recently lost his father bumps upon a woman at the Borough market as he overhears her talking enthusiastically about Artificial intelligence and positivity for life. Suddenly he wants to know this woman who is so kind and clever. Luck prevails and he sees her again in his regular tube route and an offhand comment from his roommate prompts him to write an advert on the ‘Missed Connections’ segment of the daily newspaper where Londoners talk about their commuter crush!

Soon Nadia realises that the advert was written for her, as she is herself an ardent follower of ‘Missed Connections’ and starts to search for this mystery man on the train!

There’s so much to love about this book. Every single character, Nadia’s best friends Emma, Gaby and Daniel’s pals, even his sweet office security guard, is written with such care and elegance. It’s so uplifting for young people out there who try to build a life independently in a large city surrounded by strangers and a handful of good friends.

Friendships, love, dating, family, humor and romance all blended into one refreshing story from Laura Jane! Can’t believe it’s her first novel.

I’m sure reading whatever she writes next. Thanks guys at Avon for my copy of the book. Go glad I bumped into #OurStop.

Meet the Author:

Laura Jane Williams is a columnist for Red magazine and the author of two non-fiction books, including Becoming which was based on her experiences of romance and love.

Laura’s first book, memoir BECOMING, was an instant cult hit exploring her twenty-something heartbreak and finding peace with imperfection. This was followed by ICE CREAM FOR BREAKFAST, based on her thirty-something experience of overcoming millennial burnout through embracing her playful inner child. Her third book is OUR STOP, a novel about almost missing the love of your life, that Laura claims made her see love through a new, more hopeful paradigm. She has just finished writing book four, non-fiction audiobook The Life Diet, and is about to start in on number five – a romp of a story that she lovingly thinks of as ‘Mamma Mia meets Kitchen Confidential’.
She tweets @LauraJaneAuthor

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