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Book Review – The Six ~ Luca Veste

The Six by Luca Veste

Genre: Thriller/Mystery

Published: 31 October 2019, Simon and Schuster UK

Swathi’s Rating: 4.5/5

Hey book mates,

Here is a fantastic book that I would like to recommend. It’s a perfect combo of mystery and psychological suspense and the setting is brilliant too – a group of close knit friends attending a music festival in the outskirts. Sounds intriguing? You’ve GOT to read the plot – it only gets better, I swear!! 😍❤


Six friends trapped by one dark secret.

It was supposed to be our last weekend away as friends, before marriage and respectability beckoned. But what happened that Saturday changed everything.

In the middle of the night, someone died. The six of us promised each other we would not tell anyone about the body we buried.

But now the pact has been broken. And the killing has started again…

Who knows what we did? And what price will we pay?

Plot Setting: United Kingdom

Swathi’s thoughts:

I love mysteries with serial murders in it and this one was a well written crime thriller.

The Six by Luca Veste is about a group of 30s something friends who go on a weekend trip to a music festival and what happens there changes their lives forever. There’s no going back from there and the bad memories from that day are what ties them together now.

A year later, one of them is dead. At first it looks like a suicide, which soon escalates and doubts arises in the minds of the rest, as they start digging into the truth further.

The author goes back and forth from the present to the earlier days of High School and Uni when the gang met for the first time, and the events in their lives that made them as close as they’re now. Narrated from the PoV of one single character amongst the Six, it’s up to the readers to either rely on this character or not. There’s self-realization, depression, anxiety issues, loneliness and other psychological factors going on, as it would in a crime thriller like this. Also liked the fact that there is literally no police procedural or any of those political dramas involved in the plot. This is unusual for a crime thriller and I found it totally gripping.

I really liked the pace of the book. It was consistent and well edited to avoid redundancies. This is the first I’m reading from this author and I’m pretty sure I’ll be reading more of what he writes in future.

Thanks to the Publisher for my Netgalley ARC. Opinions mine.

Meet the Author:

Luca Veste is a writer of Italian and Liverpudlian heritage, married with two young daughters, and one of nine children. He studied psychology and criminology at university in Liverpool. He is the author of the Murphy and Rossi series, which includes DEAD GONE, THE DYING PLACE, BLOODSTREAM, and THEN SHE WAS GONE.

Part psychological thriller, part police procedural, his books follow the detective pairing of DI David Murphy and DS Laura Rossi. The novels are set in Liverpool, bringing the city to life in a dark and terrifying manner…with just a splash of Scouse humour.

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