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#BlogTour Book Review – The Perfect Dress | Louisa Leaman

The Perfect Dress by Louisa Leaman

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Women’s Fiction

Published: EB 17 Oct 2019 | PB Jan 2020 | Transworld Publishers

Rating: 4.5/5

I’m so excited to share on this magical book today. Reading The Perfect Dress has been a lovely experience, just like the other wordly character Fran who dreams and pursues her passion of creating the best moments for her brides with the perfect wedding dresses designed just for them! Along with this, is a beautiful irresistible romance making the book swoonworthy! Go ahead, read the plot and order a copy for yourself.

Also, sharing MY Perfect Dress as reading the book made me nostalgic and brought back so many lovely memories. Do scroll down to look at me flaunting my special dress. Happy reading! 💖🌹

About the Book:

Fran’s wedding dress shop isn’t like any other. A treasure trove of history, filled with gowns from every decade for every type of bride. But not as you’d expect.

Something bold for the shy and retiring.
Something simple for the woman who is unafraid to stand out.
And something dazzling for the bride who wouldn’t normally dare to be different.

No matter your expectations, you’d never guess your own perfect dress. But Fran knows… she feels the wisdom woven into every gown, a gift from the previous owner waiting to be handed down to the next bride.

When Fran finds a dress that seems to be perfect for her she can’t wait to know its complex history which starts with her getting to know the son of the previous owner…


Swathi’s Thoughts:

Francesca Delaney a.k.a Fran runs a bridal dress shop called ‘The Whispering Dress’ where she searches, and collects wedding dresses from all around the world. She works on them to find their history and importance of the bride who first wore it on her special day so that when she finds a bride of the same sort, she could match the dress to the perfect bride! No matter how old the dress is, Fran makes it her job to fix the dress, gives life to the dress and readies it for it’s new bride! She runs her shop with her friend Mick who helps her in house raids where they collect wedding dresses and vintage furnitures for Mick to fix and sell on eBay.

While she does what she’s most passionate about, there is a dress lying in the closet that she refuses to look at. She had bought it in a high street shop and tt has so much heartbreak to her when her ex-fiance left her in the altar. It’s been a long time from that day, yet she distracts herself helping other brides and investing in other’s romance stories. Until she meets the rich and handsome entrepreneur Rafael Cole. She also finds the perfect dress which belongs to Rafe’s mother and experiences a vision, which intrigues her to find more about the history and importance of the dress. However, Rafa is hesitant and doesn’t want her meddling with his family’s past. This causes trouble between the pair, disturbing their budding romance.

I loved reading this book. Turning pages to learn more about Fran and her passion and the heights to which she’s ready to go to get the perfect dresses and the heartbreak she faces, and the way she bounces back, was just so uplifting. And then there is the vibrant descriptions of all the beautiful stuffs in the world – vintage dresses, accessories, vintage furnitures, good food, wine, and WEDDINGS! Read this book and I swear you’d discover SO MUCH about various cultures and themes you could use on your own wedding! Damn, I wish Louisa had written this book two years back and I’d have planned my wedding a lot better, LOL! I’ll be referring and recommending this book to all my lovely friends and future-bride-to-be before they start putting together a perfect wedding. Imagine how much fun the author would have had researching on these delightful theme? Such passion in her words that can be felt just by reading through the book. I’m so lucky to have had a chance to read this book as it’s just turned out be one of my favorite read of 2019! If you’re looking for a quick romantic women’s fiction, do yourself a favor and get a copy of this gorgeous book. It’s available as E-Book and now and they’re releasing the paperbacks in January 2020! 📚📖❤💜

My Perfect dress!!!💚💜

So here is my Perfect Dress! No this isn’t my wedding dress. It’s more special than that, because this is the dress I wore when I met my perfect man, my husband! I spent ages searching and finding this dress and it was a perfect dress. And I know he fell for me (or for the dress!) the moment he laid his eyes on me…!! Oh forgive my blushing, it just brings out too many beautiful memories…!!!!  🥰

My sincere gratitude to Katie Cregg from Transworld Publishers for my copy of the book and having me on the Blog Tour for the E-Book publication of this beautiful book. DO have a look at these fantastic blogs to see what my fellow bloggers say about the book!❤

Meet the Author:

Louisa Leaman©MaryRichardson

I was born and raised in Epping Forest, Essex, the middle child of a tight-knit, arty, noisy, happy, crazy family unit. My habits were drawing, daydreaming, and writing intense, epic stories about magical hamsters. I loved school, worked hard, and went on to study Art History at Leeds University. The day after I finished my degree, I visited the careers library and looked up writing. The insert said: ‘most writers don’t earn a living from writing alone, and often have a day job such as… teaching’.  The next day, undeterred, I enrolled on a teacher-training course and a master plan was hatched.

For the past ten years I’ve been writing professionally, sometimes in combination with part-time teaching, always in combination with full-time parenting – it’s a juggle! Before writing contemporary romance, I wrote lots of children’s books and several non-fiction guides for teachers. I pen the occasional newspaper article and I also write for the Victoria & Albert Museum – my favourite museum in the whole world, full of lovely, life-enhancing objects.  If you haven’t visited recently (or ever) then you must!

I live in Woodford Green (near where I grew up) with my husband and three children. When I’m not working or child wrangling, I love to paint, particularly portraits. I’m also a keen runner, which helps my writing brain – my best ideas, plot solutions and sometimes entire sections of conversation come to me when I run.  Other things I love are vintage dresses, Lalique jewellery, historic houses, psychology, hiking, wild swimming, reading in bed, a proper creepy ghost story, secret gardens, sunsets, Art Deco buildings, travel, trees – I really love trees – and chocolate. I’m pretty sure all of these things somehow filter into my books!

Louisa X

Website | Instagram | Twitter

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