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Book Review – The Shape of Night | Tess Gerritsen

The Shape of Night | Tess Gerritsen

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Published: OCtober 2019 | Bantam Press, Transworld Publications | Penguin Random UK

Swathi’s Rating: 4/5

Verdict: Sinister and Suspenseful with an ounce of Paranormal aspect in it.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Tess Gerritsen’s fast paced medical thrillers and have even read some of her standalones. She’s one of the reasons for my obsession over thriller novels! So you can probably imagine my anticipation when I picked to read her latest standalone paranormal thriller. I’d be lying if I say this was exactly what I looked for in the book, but it’s definitely a different genre by an author who writes about serious stuff. I think The Shape of Night is a beach read that you can probably finish in a day or two. It’s not very deep or dark but it is very entertaining. Go ahead, read the plot and my thoughts. Do let me know what you think! Happy reading 🙂

About the Book:

If the walls could talk . . . they’d tell her to leave. Now.

When Ava arrives at Brodie’s Watch, she thinks she has found the perfect place to hide from her past. Something terrible happened, something she is deeply ashamed of, and all she wants is to forget.

But the old house on the hill both welcomes and repels her and Ava quickly begins to suspect she is not alone. Either that or she is losing her mind.

The house is full of secrets, but is the creeping sense of danger coming from within its walls, or from somewhere else entirely?


Swathi’s Thoughts:

Ava Collette is a food writer from Bolton who wants to flee home to somewhere secluded so that she could finish her long time pending book. Something terrible has happened back at home, and she can never face her sister ever again. Whatever the tragedy was, it makes Ava crave for punishment and isolation. So when she reaches Maine and finds this secluded, large, old house on the cliff top for a rent she could just afford, she immediately takes it. The Brodie’s Watch is named after Captain Jeremiah Brodie who was master of large ships that sailed in the 80s and the house was built by him so that he could stay close to the sea. Now years later, it still stands tall and gorgeous and Ava soon feels welcome into the very large, old house.

Soon she encounters weird things happening at night, especially when her huge attacker cat hunts mice and eats weirdly. She also starts to feel a presence that’s watching her every move and knows her darkest secrets. As much as Ava is immersed and mesmerized with the house, she also feels the need to research more about the house and the people who lived in the house before her. As she starts digging into the past, she finds herself in the midst of several layers of history that’s buried deep into the house and in doing so, she finds herself coming out of the guilt she’s carrying with her for so long.

I finished this book in a single day as I’ve ever done with Tess Gerritsen’s books and definitely enjoyed it. As a resident of Maine herself, she shows us the best locales of the town and some mouth watering food and wine. There’s also the paranormal aspect to the book that is both new and exhilarating. Expect all the best features of a Tess Gerritsen if you’re her fan – rocket pace, short chapters with twist at the end, meticulous descriptions and an Un-put-down-able storyline. This was an interesting, exciting read for me and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a light, beach read to binge over a day or two!

Meet the Author:

Internationally bestselling author Tess Gerritsen took an unusual route to a writing career. A graduate of Stanford University, Tess went on to medical school at the University of California, San Francisco, where she was awarded her M.D.

Her books have been top-3 bestsellers in the United States and number one bestsellers abroad. She has won both the Nero Wolfe Award (for Vanish) and the Rita Award (for The Surgeon). Critics around the world have praised her novels as “Pulse-pounding fun” (Philadelphia Inquirer), “Scary and brilliant” (Toronto Globe and Mail), and “Polished, riveting prose” (Chicago Tribune). Publisher Weekly has dubbed her the “medical suspense queen”.

Now retired from medicine, she writes full time. She lives in Maine.

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