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#BlogTour Book Review – I Will Miss You Tomorrow | Heine Bakkeid

I Will Miss You Tomorrow by Heine Bakkeid

Genre: Mystery/ Suspense

Published: 14 Nov 2019, Raven Books | Bloomsbury Publishing

Swathi’s Rating: 4.5/5

A disgraced suicidal ex-cop

A remote Norwegian Island, an abandoned old lighthouse

A missing man, presumed dead. A faceless woman’s body washed ashore.

I’m so excited to be sharing my thoughts on Heine Bakkeid’s upcoming crime thriller that’s translated into English from Norwegian. This is for all thriller fiction lovers who’d love a dark and compelling Scandinavian Noir (with a few ghosts in it of course!!).👻😁🕯

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About the Book:

The first in a new Norwegian crime series featuring disgraced ex-Chief Inspector Thorkild Aske, a damaged man with a complicated past

Fresh out of prison and a stint in a psychiatric hospital, disgraced ex-policeman Thorkild Aske only wants to lose himself in drugged dreams of his beloved Frei. Wild, unknowable Frei. The woman he loved. The woman he has lost forever.

Yet when Frei’s young cousin goes missing off the Norwegian coast and Thorkild is called in by the family to help find him, dead or alive, Thorkild cannot refuse. He owes them this.

Tormented by his past, Thorkild soon finds himself deep in treacherous waters. He’s lost his reputation – will he now lose his life?


Swathi’s thoughts:

The book follows the story of Thorkild Aske, an ex-interrogator with the Internal Affairs where he investigates and interrogates tainted police with noted criminal behavior. He’s excellent at his job using his manipulative skills and technique. He is divorden and has a hard relationship with his sister Liz and her alcoholic, abusive husband, and his mom who suffers from Dementia. But all of these seem to disintegrate as he meets and falls for a girl named Frei. She’s beautiful, mysterious and equally manipulative and Aske is just astonished as the rest of us as she lures him to do the impossible.

Today, Aske is a disgraced, out of job and just released from prison on accounts of drunk and drive and killing a woman on the ride. He’s hated by his colleagues, and suffers from mental and physical damages caused by the accident. He has also cultivated suicidal thoughts after his attempt to kill himself in the prison once.

However, he is summoned by the mother of a 27 year Rasmus who has vanished after a diving session near an old lighthouse and is now presumed dead by the local police. Fighting his guilt, he travels to investigate the case, when he discovers many mysterious things about the place that doesn’t add up to the boy’s disappearance. His claims are very well ignored by the police due to his state of mind, until he discovers a body of a woman whose face is poorly damaged and unidentifiable. What follows next is a deep and compelling murder investigation.

I Will Miss You Tomorrow is a perfect Scandinavian Noir with it’s dark and sinister setting. Heine Bakkeid gives meticulous description about how dark the ambience is, and hooks his readers to the nail-biting short chapters. The first half of the book though, runs in it’s own pace as Aske struggles and fights with his demons and guilt from the past. So, the crime investigation really starts way after you reach few more chapters. The details are gory and disturbing as Bakkeid elaborates on Pathology and other aspects of the case. So, if you like a Crime Thriller with a glimpse of paranormal aspect, which shows in-depth investigation, you’ll love reading this book. The narration is also structured in an interesting way to manipulate the readers and it’s really hard to put it down without knowing what has actually happened among all the chaos. Told from the perspective of Aske, whose delusional, suicidal and erratic behaviour only makes it more unreliable. Not to mention his drug addiction! So, if he spots a ghost or two in between, well it’s not a surprise entirely.

This Scandinavian thriller is a right mix of suspense, deception, self-destruction and redemption, guilt, and manipulation tangled with a ghosts and chilling murder mystery to solve. There is a sequel, and I’m definitely reading it! All opinions are solely mine and in no way are they biased.

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Meet the Author:

Photo credit – Harriet M. Olsen

Heine Bakkeid (b. 1974) grew up in the rugged landscape of Northern Norway, where mist-shrouded waters meet some of Scandinavia’s most striking mountain formations. Bakkeid made his literary debut in 2005 when he published a spy novel for young adults. Since then he has gone on to write several novels for young readers. The acclaimed I Will Miss You Tomorrow – the first installment in the Thorkild Aske series – was Bakkeid’s first venture into crime fiction, and earned him the critics’ recognition as a virtuoso of darkly atmospheric suspense. The series’ dark undertones and windswept landscapes are fetched from Bakkeid’s own native North.

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