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Simple hacks to tackle Labor Pain | Mommy’s Corner!

Are you a preggy woman looking for anything and everything to know about your upcoming delivery?

Are you several months pregnant and eagerly anticipating your little one to come out, but terribly frightened about the labor pain and the process you’d have to undergo before that?

You must have heard, listened to several people advising you throughout the 40 weeks of pregnancy, the do’s and don’ts, what ifs and maybe’s, what to expect and what NOT to do. The ‘people’ might include several of your relatives, your friends, colleagues and finally your doctor/midwife. Well, I was once advised by a stranger while I was taking a stroll on the streets. Pregnant ladies are seen to be weak and dependent, so why not advice them to be careful? If only they knew how much brave and strong we are, the mighty female gender! ️

Here I am, sharing with you my experience when I went to labor. My friend, my dear darling friend who had just delivered her baby boy 10 days ago, gave me THE most important yet simple advices to keep in mind during labor. And guess what, her words were the only thing that kept reverberating in my mind when I was glued to bed, legs open, oxygen mask pinned to my mouth and the doctor’s hands into my vagina.

Here are the few things you could do to make your labor easier to deliver your child normally. I know every women’s body is unique and the process differs, and it’s not in our hands to predict what would happen during the labor, but as a woman, there are a few things you could do with your body and I hope and wish it could work for you as it did for me.

1. Breathing exercise

You heard me right. What is a breathing exercise? Well, if you Google it, you might find several videos on YouTube and on the web. No hard learning a few, but the simple way is to just BREATHE! That’s right. Just breathe IN, breathe OUT.
Once you start getting contractions slowly at first, quicker and longer at the last, just remember to take your breathe in and release it.

2. Cling on to the oxygen mask!

You’ll be provided with an oxygen supply for your baby, because it’s very important during the process that your baby is not suffocating and there’s enough oxygen supply to keep the baby’s heart rate stable. It will be monitored very carefully, for every minute and the best thing you can do is to make sure you breathe in the oxygen you are given. Deep breathe, girl. You will do wonders!

3. Do not waste energy!

It’s very important to save your energy. The least of energy you have. Because you don’t know how long it will take and by the time you get to push your baby out, you’ll be all exhausted and there’s no energy to push it out. So what could do?

  • Do not engage in conversation with the nurse or anyone near you.
  • Do not yell/scream when you get a contraction.
  • Try to keep your eyes closed most of the time.
  • Trust the doctors blindly. Stay calm but alert. Ask them how your baby’s doing. It helps you to mind your own blood pressure.
    It’s very important to stay with a steady BP and temperature.

4. Do not be afraid of the pain.

What is a labor pain? You might wonder. Well, they are contractions which comes slowly at first, and then quickens and stays upto 30 seconds until you push your baby out.

5. Think twice before saying ‘yes’ to Epidural Injection! 

They say the pain killer injections have their side effects on a long run. SO why risk it? I’d say, think twice before saying yes. Now, I know it’s a huge decision to make, especially when you’re under lot of pain and your body is no longer under your control, but ultimately it’s your body and only YOU can make that decision.



On a side note……

What’s the labor pain feel like? one might wonder!

It’s like period cramps, when your lower abdomen compresses. Simply put, it feels like a slightly tight grip on your hand and releasing it. Yes, that simple! Now that’s not scary, is it?

Trust me when I say this. Pain is good. You need more pain to push the baby. You’ll be like an addict asking for more pain during the final moments and I’m not even kidding! So whatever myths you’ve heard, ignore them all and keep an open mind. Mentally prepare yourself for the biggest challenge of your life and I’m sure you are more stronger that you think you are!

Really hope this article helps someone who is googling and looking for tips. If yes, please write to me and I’ll write more! Lots of love and love. Xx

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