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Book Recommendation | Night Falls, Still Missing – Helen Callaghan


Genre: Mystery & Thriller

Expected publication: July 23rd 2020 by Michael Joseph

Swathi’s Thoughts

Madison is missing. When Archaeologist Fiona Gray receives a frantic call for help from her friend who is currently working on a dig in Orkney, she reluctantly leaves her work behind to meet Madison. After reaching there, however, Madison does not come to receive her nor she is at her temp cottage. Where is Madison and what is she playing at? The friends have had their hard times in the past, and Madison has got her moments but this is something else. None of her co-workers know anything about where she is gone and Fiona is finding it harder to find the trust nor to trust anyone around her in this strange, remote islet where everything is so dark and gloomy.

If you are, like me, a fan of Archaeology, then you’ll find this book an interesting one. There is so much about the process of how they carry out a dig to excavate the buried treasures and how little the archaeologists are funded for their vigorous hard work. The history is brilliantly linked with the findings on site and I completely loved those segments involving Archaeology, which was a lot.

Fiona’s own investigation to find Madison takes a journey back to when the two became friends, through their uni days and how they both ended up choosing the same profession. Typical friendship which has ego, jealousy, betrayal, deceive but they would never give up on each other. A very interesting premise for a crime thriller. As a reader I enjoyed the double dhamaka – the archaeology and the mystery behind Madison’s disappearance. I did, however see the ending turning out as I guessed a few chapters prior and it felt a bit disappointing to the brilliantly laid first half of the book. All around, I enjoyed the pacy, suspense-filled experience the book gave me. Thanks to the publisher for my digital galley. All opinions are solely mine.

Meet the Author

My name is Helen Callaghan and I write fiction whenever I’m left unsupervised. I live in Cambridge amongst teetering piles of books.

My debut novel, Dear Amy, and my second novel, Everything is Lies, are published by Michael Joseph and available now. My forthcoming novel, Night Falls, Still Missing, is being released on July 23rd, 2020.

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