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Book recommendation | The Spare Bedroom – Elizabeth Neep


Genre: Contemporary Romance/ Women’s fiction

Published: May 1st 2020 by Bookouture


Swathi’s Thoughts

Jess moves from London to Sydney to get over her ex and also to find herself a career and live independently. Though fate had different plans as she’s now jobless, homeless and completely drenched in Sydney’s rains. That’s when she stumbles upon the handsome Sam, her ex boyfriend whose breakup took 3 years to get over. Sam asks her to move in with him in his spare bedroom and Jess has no other option than to accept his offer. She’s also secretly wishing Sam might take her back. After all, they were good for each other weren’t they? Her one and only true love! Little did she know that Sam is now engaged to be married to his super hot, doctor fiance Jamie!

A heartbroken Jess finds it all too tough to cope up without a job or a place to be and how strange it will be to share a house with your ex boyfriend and his fiance! Luckily, there are friends to help and lift her up whenever she makes terrible mistakes. The Spare Bedroom is the story of a woman’s journey to find herself a career and ways to live independently. Written with an uplifting and lighthearted premise, I’ll have to give it to the author’s creativity of such a love triangle. Beautiful characters whom I wish I have met to befriend in my life.

This is not your typical love story with a happily-ever-after ending. It’s much more than that but be sure to pre-order it if you want a book to accompany you whenever you’re a bit down and in need of a tad bit of humor, romance and motivation to rise your spirits. That’s exactly what this book did to me.

Meet the Author

Elizabeth Neep is a commissioning editor and publisher at SPCK books, who has recently published her first book series.

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