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Book Recommendation – In Ink by Dave Sivers

In Ink by Dave Sivers

Genre: Mystery & Thrillers, Police Procedural

Series: DI Quarell

Published: 15 MAY 2020

About ‘In Ink’

A cruel death. A macabre calling card.
A killer on a mission.
A body is found outside a church in a small Hertfordshire town. Alastair Murdoch suffered
before he died. But what really disturbs DI Nathan Quarrel is the Tarot card motif adorning
the body: The Fool.
Just 24 hours later, another body turns up.
A different card, but from the same pack.
Unless Quarrel can decipher the meaning behind the cards and the connection between the
victims, more will follow in a twisted agenda of abduction, pain and death.

Swathi’s Thoughts

IN INK is a brand new series featuring DI Nathan Quarell and his efficient team who work together to chase a serial murderer at loose. The killer targets and kills his victims, leaves signature calling cards and poses them in locations for the police to find the body asap. With time ticking down the clock, DI Quarell and his team has to figure out who the killer is and how to stop him kill more people.

It was a very entertaining read for me. The pace of the book suited my taste and I loved the atmosphere of the premise. I loved the way the author had given notice to every detail his reader might guess. It’s always something I appreciate when an author respects their reader and provides them with what they are looking for in the book. In this book, Dave Sivers makes his readers guess and just when you’re starting to smell something funny, he makes sure his detectives get right on top of it. There are moments when I felt like a detective myself and want to do hifi with the cops in the book. I love it when I feel connected with the fictional characters.

Readers also get to know a bit about DI Quarell’s past and one other budding character whose growth I’m very eager to learn about. As for now, I’m adding Dave Sivers to my list of authors to watch and definitely reading what he writes next. Many thanks to the author for providing me an early copy of his book in exchange for my honest opinion. 

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