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COVER REVEAL for Nuala Ellwood’s new Thriller!!

The Perfect Life: The new gripping thriller you won’t be able to put down from the bestselling author of DAY OF THE ACCIDENT

Hey guys!

Something very exciting for all thriller fans today. Penguin Books UK have released the brand new COVER for the Nuala Ellwood thriller titled ‘The Perfect Life’ and it’s SO DAMN GOOD!! Slated to go on sale in early 2021, you can pre-order you copy right now.

I have read and loved ‘The House on the Lake’ recently and can’t wait to read her next. Click HERE to read my thoughts.

Here is everything to know about ‘THE PERFECT LIFE’



Vanessa has always found it easy to pretend to be somebody different, somebody better. When things get tough in her real life, all she has to do is throw on some nicer clothes, adopt a new accent and she can escape.

That’s how it started: looking round houses she couldn’t possibly afford. Harmless fun really. Until it wasn’t.

Because a man who lived in one of those houses is dead.

And everyone thinks Vanessa killed him…


And now for the cover…..

Here we Go……!!!

Very intriguing isn’t it? Can’t really wait until next year? Hit the Pre-order button right now !!!


About Nuala Ellwood

Nuala Ellwood

Nuala Ellwood is the daughter of an award-winning journalist. She was inspired by his experiences and those of foreign correspondents such as Marie Colvin and Martha Gellhorn to secure Arts Council funding for her research into PTSD for her debut psychological thriller MY SISTER’S BONES.

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