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Guest Author Kathryn Freeman talks about ‘The New Guy’ – From idea to book

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Today I have the lovely Kate Freeman with me as she celebrates the Paperback publication of her new romantic comedy – THE NEW GUY which is also available as an ebook in stores now.

As you might know, I am a HUGE fan of Freeman’s romcoms and particularly loved this book. Here is my Review of the book.

About Kathryn Freeman

Kathryn started her working life as a retail pharmacist but soon realised trying to decipher doctors’ handwriting wasn’t for her. In 2011, backed by her family, she left the world of pharmaceutical science to begin life as a self employed writer.

She lives with two teenage boys and a husband who asks every Valentine’s Day whether he has to bother buying a card again this year (yes, he does) so the romance in her life is all in her head.

She can be found at:

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‘The New Guy’ – From idea to book…

When my new publisher asked me to write a rom com based in the tech industry, I didn’t hesitate. ‘No problem.’ I was so excited to be working with a new editor, and discussing a book idea up front, rather than writing one in isolation and hoping someone liked it. For me it didn’t matter where the book was set, because the thrill of writing has always been the characters, rather than the plot. Immediately I had an idea of who I wanted my hero to be – I’ve got this thing about gruff and brooding men. And if I gave the typical office romance a twist and made my heroine the CEO, this dour guy would have to work for her. That sounded fun to write. Oh and if they could meet before he started at the company, maybe have a one night stand, no names exchanged…my mind galloped as I walked away from the meeting.

The bubble of excited optimism stayed with me until the train journey home when the reality began to seep in. What on earth were my gruff hero (Ryan) and savvy heroine (Sam) actually going to do in the office? Besides fighting the sexual tension pinging between them, obviously J. My knowledge of the tech industry was, err, zero. The pharmaceutical industry, now that I could do, because I’d worked in that for over twenty years. Computers, gadgets, apps – help!

Yet when I arrived home to my usual welcome, ‘Where have you put x y z,’ ‘What’s for dinner?’ ‘Are my jeans in the wash ‘cos I think I left my earphones in them,’ I realised I might have a solution. Maybe, for once, the males in my house, the same ones who’ve relentlessly taken the Mick out of me for writing romance, could actually be useful.

My youngest son was back from his first year of studying computer science at university, my eldest was doing a management course, and my husband is a technophile who spends his evenings surfing the internet for the next gadget he really can’t do without.

So over dinner that evening, I mentioned my quandary. By the time the plates had been cleared away, and a few glasses of wine drunk, Sam had a company (Privacy Solutions) and the Privacy App was born. Okay, okay, it wasn’t quite, ‘Pass me the salt, please. Now, what about having the company design an app that lets users know which websites hold personal information on them?’ Life just isn’t that easy.

I lost count of the number of times I had to steer the conversation away from car chases and gun shoot outs. Remind them I was writing a romance; dead bodies, kidnappings and evil baddies weren’t required. Neither was their version of what constitutes a romance (no, I didn’t want the office being blown up with Sam watching Ryan’s sad demise via CCTV footage). Yet after discarding the mad and the utterly bonkers, I did end up with an idea that sounded plausible (at least I hope it is, and it wasn’t just the wine). Whether the Privacy App is technically possible, I don’t know, but of course the real story isn’t about the app. It’s about what happens when the hot guy at the bar you have a one night stand with, turns out to be your new employee…

About ‘The New Guy

Sam Huxton doesn’t do one-night stands, especially not with men she’s just met! But the hot guy at the bar was hard to resist and their one night together is one she’ll never forget.

But one night is all they share – no names, no numbers, just some much needed fun…

Until the same guy walks into Sam’s life the next day as her new employee.  Sam never mixes business with pleasure and makes it clear an office fling with Ryan is off-limits.  But after-hours…one thing can lead to another. Can Sam trust her heart and her business with the new guy?

Amazon UK | Amazon US

Many, many thanks for taking time to be with us today, Kate. I love your books and can’t wait to read more of what you write next. Wish you the BEST of best for your books. xx

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