Book Recommendation | One White Lie – Leah Konen #BlogTour

One White Lie – Leah Konen

Genre: Mystery & Thriller

Pub Date 23 Jul 2020 | Michael Joseph, Penguin UK

Swathi’s Rating: 4.5/5

About the Book

Imagine you’ve finally escaped the worst relationship of your life, running away with only a suitcase and a black eye.

Imagine your new next-door neighbours are the friends you so desperately needed – fun, kind, empathetic, very much in love.

Imagine they’re in trouble. That someone is telling lies about them, threatening their livelihoods – and even their lives.

Imagine your ex is coming for you.

If your new best friends needed you to tell one small lie, and all of these problems would disappear, you’d do it . . . wouldn’t you?

It’s only one small lie, until someone turns up dead . . .

Swathi’s Thoughts

One white lie by Leah Konen is a fast paced, atmospheric, psychological thriller that plays wild games with the reader’s mind.

Lucy is running from her passive abusive partner and decides to try and make herself at home in the sleepy quiet town away from Brooklyn. Small town and people quickly come to meet you up. That’s how she meets her attractive neighbour couple – John and Vera, both artists, loving and very charming. Too lovely to be true. Lucy can’t believe her luck being friends with such people. Suddenly she wants them to be a family, the one she has longed for and escape all her troubled past. She might do anything for that. For John and Vera. Especially when the couple ask her very nicely over a dinner one night, she can’t refuse can she? Besides, there’s her ex who will do everything in his power to find her. Lucy, all alone with her dog Dusty should fight her instincts without losing her sanity to stay alive!

Utterly compelling and addictive, this novel moves in a rocket pace throwing away twists and suspense on its way. The characters are so delusional that you can hardly trust a single word. Besides, our narrator Lucy is a confused soul herself and you’d NEVER want to believe what she’s saying to you. But you’re only left with her words, so you’ll have to travel through the book to find out what happens to her.

Very recommended for those who love thrillers! Many thanks to Michael Joseph, Penguin Random UK for having me on the official blog tour and providing the ARC. All opinions mine

Meet the Author

Leah Konen is the author of The Last Time We Were Us, Love and Other Train Wrecks,and The Romantics. She grew up in a two-stoplight farming town in Washington State before moving to suburban North Carolina, where there were many more stoplights and lots of sweet tea. After studying journalism at the University of North Carolina, she headed to New York City to pursue her dream of becoming a writer. When she’s not working on novels and articles or writing for fashion brands, she enjoys devouring new books; spoiling her dog, Farley; biking around Brooklyn; checking out live music, and binge-watching TV. Find her online at www.leahkonen.com.

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