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Book Recommendation |The Flipside – James Bailey #BlogTour

The Flip Side by James Bailey

Published: 26 Nov 2020 | Penguin Michael Joseph UK

Genre: Romance |Romantic Comedy

Swathi’s Rating: 5 Shiny stars!

About the Book

One coin, one year and one new shot at love.

Josh thought he was doing everything right.

He found a girl. They adopted a rabbit. He finally found the perfect moment to propose.

She said no.

On the London Eye . . . On New Year’s Eve . . . Suspended 443ft in the air . . .

Now they’re awkwardly eating truffles and praying they’ll be back on the ground soon.

Realizing he can’t be trusted to make his own decisions, Josh decides to spend a year putting his faith in, well, fate.

From now on, every decision will be made by the flip of a coin. And maybe, just maybe, the coin will help him find the girl of his dreams.

After all, who says you can’t take a chance on love?

Swathi’s Thoughts

The Flip Side is a very refreshing, hilarious and uplifting comedy fiction with a tad bit of romance in the story! 
The follows the life of Josh, an average guy with good family, good friends and a decent job, and a good looking girlfriend whom he proposes to marry on the New Year’s eve and gets dumped. All of a sudden he is now jobless, homeless and have to move in with his absolutely hilarious parents who still manage to embarrass him in front of the village at the age of 28! This guy is super weird by himself that he decides to flip a coin for every decision he has to make because he is not sure of his life anymore. His mates, the ‘All Jays’ are equally weird and absolute bonkers. They support, humiliate and bully each other in every possible way and it is all so laugh-out-loud funny! 

“It is only when I get off that I realize the headphone jack isn’t connected properly to my phone and everyone else on the packed bus could hear me listen to ‘Un break My Heart’ on repeat for the entire journey.”

Follow Josh’s journey through Munich, Paris, Amsterdam where he gets dropped by Jesus! Lol I loved those scenes. There are so many favorite scenes and moments I totally loved. I’ve been provided a proof copy by the publisher but will be buying myself a published copy to reread whenever I feel down and sad. Who knows, may I’ll flip a coin and follow Josh’s weird path!

I’d love to read anything that comes out of James Bailey’s imagination. 

Many thanks to the Publisher for inviting me on the official blog tour for this fantastic novel. I had so much fun reading it and would definitely recommend it to anyone who needs a laugh-out sensational escape from the reality of lives. All opinions are solely mine.

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