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Book Review – Thinking Out Loud by Tapan Ghosh

Thinking Out Loud by Tapan Ghosh

Genre: Motivational & Self-help

Published: October 2021, Self-published

Swathi’s Rating: 4/5

My Thoughts

“Reaching great heights is not half as tough as coming down in life with your sanity intact.”

Thinking Out Loud by Tapan Ghosh is a compilation of life messages of the philosophical kind told in a unique fashion with two muses, a man and a woman, just to make understand the male and female perspectives in the world we live. 

Topics discussed including anything and everything from Faith and religion to double standards for men and women, to societal norms, all together makes a short story within this philosophical book. 

The author talks about wisdom and bringing harmony into our lives using self-balance. He says, “With maturity comes wisdom.” He also draws in incidents from his travel and quotes certain anecdotes which acts as examples of his philosophy. He finishes his chapters with thought-provoking questions for his readers to observe and learn.
Overall, a quick and easy to use self help book covering some fantastic topics that’d make a great difference if understood property.

About the Book:

Life is nothing but a bag full of simple joys, some instances of surprise, few coincidences of craziness, and some days of melancholy often sheathed as destiny or suffering. Thinking Out Loud is a beauteous conglomeration of various aspects of life, put together with a hint of philosophical perception by renowned author Tapan Ghosh. It is the affiliation that the readers will find in author’s understanding of varied facets of life in this book, which makes it an ideal choice to learn the art of positive response even in challenging situations. With many of his published books in fiction and non-fiction genre, Thinking Out Loud stands apart with its completely unique approach towards life and beauty with which the author connects with his readers.

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