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About me

I am a Book Blogger/Reviewer active here and associated social channels. I am a constant reader, and I love to recommend books to my fellow readers to help them read more!

I am open to Blog Tours. Anything to help a book and the publisher! Feel free to nudge me at

FULL DISCLOSURE. Here are my review policies: 

  • What format of books will you accept?

I love Prints. That’s my preference! Occasionally I read eBooks epub) on my Kindle. I also read via Netgalley and Edelweiss provided by publishers and authors.

  • What genres do you like to read? 

Thriller & Mystery. Contemporary Romance. Women’s Fiction,

  • Can the person pitching their book 100% expect to see a review on your blog if you accept their book? If yes, in what time period?

I will get back to you immediately within hours/in a day with a Yes/No response. The chances of my review acceptance are 80% giving preference to the Format and Genre of books. I’m open to scheduling Tour dates throughout the year.

  • Are you going to be nice in your review if you dislike the book? If not, better say so. You should also mention if you don’t review books you don’t like.

I’m always nice on my reviews, but they’re also honest and subtle. If I’ve lost interest in a book I’ve started to read, I will inform the publicist prior to my date. Although, I’m very selective and only accept of the books match my preferences.

  • What’s the best way to contact you?

You can Contact me through my Blog or drop a mail to me. I’m very active on Social Media. Pinging me anywhere would get an immediate response.

  • Do you respond to every review request, even if you’re not interested?

I do.

  • If you schedule reviews for specific dates, how much time do you need from when you receive the book to the time of the review? If you don’t get the book in time, will you reschedule?

I can schedule my reading according to the dates I agree upon. Due to the number of books that I receive every month, my reading preference and time to complete a book might differ. In general, I’m a fast reader and it takes a week for me to finish with a book.

  • Are you going to write about the book anywhere else? GoodReads, Amazon, another blog?

I update my reviews almost immediately on Goodreads, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I also run promotion on my pages to boost it to a larger audience.


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