• Book Review – Force of Nature – Jane Harper

    Hey guys, I am back with the review of another amazing book I completed yesterday. I can’t wait to share my experiences with you! Force of Nature is the second in the Aaron Falk series by Jane Harper. If you’ve not read the first book, it’s okay. There is now background needed for the lead character, just the suspense keeps you up.

  • A trip to Andaman Islands

    Hey guys! How are you doing today? For me, today is the sort of day when you feel nostalgic for no apparent reason at all, yet it makes you happy! I have been cherishing my recent holiday get away for our wedding anniversary, and the memories are still fresh, even today. We went on a 6 nights 7 days, trip to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands from Chennai, India. This included Port Blair (3 nights), Havelock (2 nights), and Neil Island (1 night). We had booked our holiday with MakeMyTrip.com after several sessions with our trip organiser. We chose the destination because it was closer, and We loved beach destinations!!!…

  • Marriage – a melody

    Marriage! Wow that’s a huge thing to think of. At Least that’s what I thought, when I first heard the M word in my life. It could be life changing, no doubt in that. But to take in the right way, positive or negative, solely depends on the concerned two people. I am married for more than an year now, so you could call me a ‘newly married’ but I would call myself as a ‘newly experienced’ in the world of marriage! During the early days of my marriage, I’d just struggle to ‘make things happen’. But later I realized that’s it’s not as difficult as it seemed to be.…

  • Beauty of books

    Reading has always been my favorite thing to do. It has been my good company through the years. I remember the early days, when I started reading. Many would say, it’s an obsession. But many would also say, “I can fall asleep just by looking at cover of the book!” I wonder which one is you? If you are reading this, you’re more than welcome to share your thoughts with us. After all, it’s one’s passion we’re talking about. For the love of life! 😇

  • Book Review – Gallery of the Dead – Chris Carter

    Hey guys! I’ve had a great productive day by doing what I enjoy the most – reading! I love sharing my experience of picking an amazing book, that grips you till the very end. You know, the kind of book that gives you mixed feelings, you are dying to know how the story would end, but you don’t ever want the story to end. Damn you author!

  • Book Review – The Dry – Jane Harper

    Hello everyone! I am here to share with you my recent book experience, and Man I Loved every minute of it! I hope you feel the same way too. Do share your comments on the book, if you chose to read it! So here we go. My recent read is a novel by Jane Harper, The Dry. The novel marks the first of the Aaron Falk series, and its a 4 pointer on Goodreads!

  • The Journey Begins

    Reading is one passion that could be easily replaced or given up, at least for a bookworm like me! I use books to travel around the world, taste the nature and enjoy the varied cultures. So for the love of books, I’ve decided to share my thoughts about the books I read currently/previously to my fellow book lovers. If possible, share kindle content for those who search for books to read! I am all excited to start with my new routine!! You’re welcome to this Brand new page of Swathi’s Syllables. Feel free to comment on the books, tips or whatever! Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey…