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Book Recommendation – The Golden Spoon | Jessa Maxwell

The Golden Spoon by Jessa Maxwell

Genre: Mystery & Thriller/ Cozy Mystery

Published: April 2023, Atria

Verdict: 3.5/5

About the Book

For six amateur bakers, competing in Bake Week is a dream come true.

When they arrive at Grafton Manor to compete, they’re ready to do whatever it takes to win the ultimate The Golden Spoon.

But for the show’s famous host, Betsy Martin, Bake Week is more than just a competition. Grafton Manor is her family’s home and legacy – and Bake Week is her life’s work. It’s imperative that both continue to succeed.

But as the competition commences, things begin to go awry. At first, it’s small acts of sabotage. Someone switching sugar for salt. A hob turned far too high.

But when a body is discovered, it’s clear that for someone in the competition, The Golden Spoon is a prize worth killing for…


Read if you enjoy:
Cookery shows
Reality TV shows
Murder mystery
An old manor house
Multiple POVs

Usually I’m all in for debut novels. They’re very raw and the stories are unique and untamed and I love it when the publishers let the author write their hearts out. The Golden Spoon was one such book, although I’ve mixed feelings about it.

A famous chef and cookbook author Betsy Martin organises a cooking competition in her manor Bake Week where 6 bakers from all over the country are invited to compete for The Golden Spoon title. This year’s candidates are a mix and right from the start we get glimpses of each of them, their backstory and even their recipes in the competition.

While I really enjoyed reading about good food, the characters were really all over the place and the story was really unstructured and unstable and I wasn’t at all shocked with the rather bland twists thrown at the end. Overall, this was a quick read.

About the Author

Jessa Maxwell lives In Jamestown, RI with her husband, cats and a three-legged dog. Follow her on Instagram @jessamaxwellauthor and on Twitter @maxwelljessa

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