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Book Recommendation – Meet Me in the Middle – Vani Mahesh

Meet Me in the Middle – Vani Mahesh

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Published: October 2021, HarperCollins India

Qotd: What’s your weekend plan?


Hi friends, hope you’re all safe and warm. My city, Chennai is rainy and flooding everywhere and it’s really a scary time of the year for us. The same for all the coastal areas right now. Better to be tucked home and safe from the rains, I’ll say. Today, I’m trying to get into reading this warm and candid book #meetmeinthemiddle by @writer.vani to take my mind off the awful weather conditions outside. I’m about 5 chapters in and really starting to like Anu’s character and the premise. Let’s see how this one goes.

About the Book: 

Anu is 30, a teacher, mother to a four-year-old, and wife to a husband who worships the ground she walks on. She is surrounded by doting parents and loyal friends. Life is perfect … until her husband develops a sudden desire for a life of luxury and forces Anu to move to the plush neighborhood of Verdant Green.
 The sudden jump from a middle-class life to a super-luxurious one that they can barely afford lands Anu in one mess after another. Faced with everything from casual classism to extravagant yoga classes, she must now tackle this new life in her own inimitable style even as her marriage crumbles.

Funny and candid, Meet Me in the Middle is the story of aspirations and desires, and being careful about what you wish for. 

Have you read this yet? What is your current read? 🤗

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