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Book Recommendation – The Neighbor War – Katie Bailey

The Neighbor War – Katie Bailey

Genre: Romcom, Romantic Comedy, Humor, Romance

Series: Only in Atlanta Book 2

Tropes: Neighbor to Lovers, Enemies to Lovers, Fake Dating

Swoon Level: 3/5, Mild kissing

Published: Oct 2021

Swathi’s Rating: 4/5

Swathi’s Thoughts:

The Neighbor War is apparently the second book featuring Aiden and Courtney and you’ll definitely want to read the book no 1 after finishing this one, cuz it’s an uber-cute rom-com people!! A slow burn, sweet and swoony romance with some hilarious banter between the MCs, not to mention their sizzling hot chemistry. 

There are a lot of tropes here, thanks to the author for combining all our favorites into one. Neighbors to lovers, Enemies-to-lovers, fake dating, fake vacation and so much more!! Absolutely swoon-worthy. 
I love it when a rom-com delivers both the male and female narratives because it makes it so good and entertaining and I absolutely loved knowing Aiden. He’s gentle and caring and a gem of a man, despite being a serial dater. Courtney is a strong person who works so hard to stand on her own and I loved her for it. She doesn’t take sympathy and that’s one reason why she builds a wall around herself and never lets anyone inside. Not even the BFF Jess. So it takes more than a beautiful weekend vacation at an exotic Caribbean island for these two to get their feelings out in the open. 

This is a cute romantic comedy with some fun banter and less steamy scenes that are restricted to a few kisses only. I’m definitely reading book one and the author’s other works after this! 

About the Book:

Aiden Shaw is the smuggest, most infuriating man I’ve ever met. Ever. He’s also my next door neighbor. 

We’ve been at war for four bitter years. But last night, Aiden crossed a line.

The worst part? My public humiliation was caught on camera, and the video’s a viral sensation. 

Now, the entire internet is raving about our “off the charts chemistry” and “crackling sexual tension.” 

Apparently, everyone is delusional. And blind. 

Yet when Aiden turns up on my doorstep, asking me to pose as his girlfriend, I find myself saying yes. Even if that means taking a couples vacation with him. Yup, couples vacation. With my mortal enemy. Who I have to pretend to be madly in love with. 


I can put our war on ice for a little while, Aiden Shaw. 

But in the end, someone’s gotta lose. 

And it’s not going to be me.

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