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Book Review – No Exit – Taylor Adams

No Exit by Taylor Adams

Genre: Fiction / Thrillers / Suspense

Published: January 15, 2019 by William Morrow Books

Swathi’s Rating: 4.5/5

Verdict: Spellbinding, nerve racking, gruesome and gripping Thriller. Expected to be among the Top 10 Crime Thrillers of ’19!

Hello lovelies,

Today I am soo excited to review this surreal book I have read recently and totally enjoyed. It is one of THE best thrillers I have read this year and I am not just saying it! I had two sleepless nights and several nightmares after reading the book – and that just proves how enthralled I was, with the plot. This is a MUST read for all Crime thriller fans out there. Scroll down to see what I am talking about and do not forget to leave your thoughts on it!


A kidnapped little girl locked in a stranger’s van. No help for miles. What would you do?

On her way to Utah to see her dying mother, college student Darby Thorne gets caught in a fierce blizzard in the mountains of Colorado. With the roads impassable, she’s forced to wait out the storm at a remote highway rest stop. Inside, are some vending machines, a coffee maker, and four complete strangers.

Desperate to find a signal to call home, Darby goes back out into the storm . . . and makes a horrifying discovery. In the back of the van parked next to her car, a little girl is locked in an animal crate.

Who is the child? Why has she been taken? And how can Darby save her?

There is no cell phone reception, no telephone, and no way out. One of her fellow travelers is a kidnapper. But which one?

Trapped in an increasingly dangerous situation, with a child’s life and her own on the line, Darby must find a way to break the girl out of the van and escape.

But who can she trust?

Author Bio:

Taylor Adams graduated from Eastern Washington University with the prestigious Edmund G. Yarwood Award. His directorial work has screened at the Seattle True Independent Film Festival and his writing has been featured on KAYU-TV’s Fox Life blog. He lives in Washington state and has written two previous novels, Eyeshot and Our Last Night, which were published as e-books by a U. K. publisher.


Editorial Reviews:

No Exit opens with an ingenious, chilling setup and then delivers a wicked ride of psychological tension. Taylor Adams is a master of suspense. I’m already impatient to see what he does next.”
-Michael Koryta, New York Times bestselling author of How It Happened
No Exit is everything I want in a thriller: ingeniously crafted, unapologetically relentless, and shamelessly suspenseful. The twists go off like a series of expertly planted detonations and the tension never lets up. I was blown away. No Exit is a damn good time.”
-Joe Hill, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Fireman
“What a box of tricks! This full-throttle thriller, dark and driving, rivals Agatha Christie for sheer ingenuity and James Patterson for flat-out speed. Swift, sharp, and relentless.”
-A. J. Finn, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Woman in the Window
“[A]n enthralling tale that features a wonderfully relatable and gutsy heroine. Give it to readers looking for a female-led drama in the mode of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and its sibling works.” -Booklist

Swathi’s Review:

It took me exactly 48 hours to finish reading it amidst the chores of course. Which meant, two sleepless nights when I dreamt of being struck in a monster blizzard in the middle of nowhere. If this isn’t enough terrifying, I somehow find a little girl, handcuffed, duct taped and locked inside a van outside the very place I am thinking of resting the night!

Inside the rest house are four strangers, totally unpredictable and dangerous considering the locked girl! A talkative young guy who tries to entertain the audience with his petty magic tricks. A man and a woman who looks like a couple but are cousins. A straight faced, thin fellow who has every possible aspect of being the suspected psychopath! As soon as I find out this thin creature is, infact, the kidnapper, I stumble upon his partner in crime. Now I don’t know what is happening in this weird little rest stop. Are these people here on purpose? What are they intending to do? What happens to the poor little girl? She is already injured. Will they kill her? Can I protect her? When will help arrive to get out of this shithole of a place? And on top of all these, I have a sick mother who would probably be dying as we speak!

Man, what a ride it was! It’s an utterly unstoppable plot and turning the pages is beyond my control. Time to time does a book like this come to capture your attention and remain stuck in the back of the brain to remind the fact that it’s one helluva Thriller!

The narrative is from Darby’s POV and that’s the reason behind such a nerve racking experience. Readers get to travel with Darby, get introduced to these strangers and inspect their personalities. Just when you get to judge them, the author proves you wrong by dropping a bombshell twist to the plot!

I am totally in debts to William Morrow for this early copy which came home 6 months ago and I had to wait so long to post my review before the book’s release in January. This is a highly recommended, spellbinding, fast-paced Thriller and a MUST-Read for all crime thriller lovers. I am very interested to see what Taylor Adams writes next as I am officially adding him to my list of favorite Crime Writers!

All opinions are solely mine and are unbiased. Until next time guys! xoxo

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