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Book Review – The Stylist Takes Manhattan ~ Rosie Nixon

The Stylist Takes Manhattan by Rosie Nixon

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Published: September 3rd 2019 by William Morrow Paperbacks

Swathi’s Rating: 4/5

About the Book:

Novice stylist Amber Green is taking on the glittering celebrity world of Manhattan one fashion disaster and wardrobe malfunction at a time!

When her TV producer boyfriend Rob announces that he’s been offered a job in New York, filming with the infamous Angel Wear lingerie models, Amber knows its her perfect chance to take the New York fashion world by storm.

But Amber wasn’t counting on unruly toddler photo shoots, clandestine designer handbag scams and a Hollywood star who is determined to wear as little as possible on the red carpet. Until she meets a disgraced former designer who could turn her career around…or leave it all in tatters.

Fun, adventure, glamour and high-fashion make this is the perfect feel good women’s fiction read.

Story locale: Manhattan, New York

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Swathi’s Review:

I am quite a fan of chick lits and rom-coms that has witty female leads and honest laugh riots. So when I first read the plot of The Stylist takes Manhattan, I knew I would love Amber Green! She’s proactive, quick-witted, intelligent and really good at what she does – Styling!!!! Isn’t that a dreamy job to have? Well, in real life, it’s not very fancy as a life of a stylist would take so much effort and time to fulfill the various, endless demands to meet the ‘Hollywood standards’. One blip, and you’re ruined. Forever stained. That’s basically describing Amber Green herself.

A five month relationship with Rob, the famous and attractive AD producer Amber is happy and content with her job as a window designer at Selfridges, London. All is well until one day Rob gets a job in New York to produce a lingerie Ad and he wants them to move to the States to film it. Amber takes a sabbatical at work and sets off to Manhattan with a few contacts that could get her a job in NY. Especially her BFF is just 6 hours flight away from her.

New York does treat her nice with a new job that she’s starting to love, a new place to live (too tiny but right in the middle of city!) and a fire station opposite home (too-hot-to-handle fire fighters!!) and her rapidly increasing followers on newly opened Instagram Handle!! So what could possibly go wrong when things are this perfect? You’ll have to wait and watch for some laugh out loud moments!

I didn’t know this book had a prequel when I requested a copy from the publisher. I totally devoured Amber Green. She’s so like the author Rosie Nixon herself. If you’re not following her on Social media, you probably should. Her stories are hilarious, witty and extremely entertaining just like her books!! Set in New York, you get to teleport yourself to the city’s best features, skyscrapers, monuments and the fashion world of Hollywood full of glam and style! It’s pretty thin book but I kept it on my side table for so long, not wanting to finish it faster. Totally loved reading this book, and I expect a sequel to Amber’s stories guessing by the way things are left. I think this is a GREAT news for all those who follow Rosie’s books (includes me of course!) and I’m definitely reading what she writes next!

HIghly recommended for ladies who love a contemporary romance, filled with glam and laugh out loud scenes and stunning locales to escape the present. Many, many thanks to the publishing for sending me the paperback. All opinions are mine and no way biased.

Meet the Author:

Rosie Nixon is an author and the editor in chief of the popular UK magazine HELLO!, where she has worked for the past ten years. She has a love of all things celebrity, royal and fashion-related. Rosie previously held senior positions at glossy women’s magazines including Grazia, Glamour (UK) and Red. In her career, she has been lucky enough to attend a multitude of glamorous award ceremonies, premieres, celebrity weddings and showbiz events all around the world. Ever discreet and protective of the stars she has worked with, Rosie is grateful for the experience that has undoubtedly enabled her to write her debut novel, The Stylist. She lives in London.

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