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Can I Give my Husband back? – Kristin Bailey

About the Book

It’s normal to prefer getting a filling at the dentist’s to spending time with your husband, right?

I thought I was sorted on the life front. I was a heart surgeon with a loving partner and two gorgeous little girls. Except my husband’s version of ‘loving’ is lying, cheating and sleeping his way around London. Which means I definitely deserve a refund.

Unfortunately, moving on isn’t that simple. Just because I know how to operate on a heart doesn’t mean I know how to fix my broken one. Plus, I lost the receipt for him years ago so I’m definitely getting short changed.

But now I’m single, am I ready to mingle? There are a few minor issues:

1) The last time I went on a date double denim was in fashion and my eyebrows were horrendously overplucked.
2) Men wear stupidly skinny jeans now.
3) I don’t know how to use dating apps but at least I don’t have to get changed out of my pyjamas.
4) Sometimes the most promising thing you have in common with a guy is a shared love of prawns.
5) I don’t know whether to open a date with ‘hi’ or ‘hello’ or ‘hey’ and once I ended up saying ‘howdy’.

Everything happens for a reason, they say. There’s plenty more fish in the sea. But what happens when everything falls apart and you haven’t got a clue how to go fishing?

An absolutely hilarious and utterly relatable tale for anyone who has ever survived a nightmare relationship, felt a little lonely or nursed a broken heart with wine and carbs. This feel-good novel will get you back on your feet and genuinely laughing out loud. Perfect for fans of Why Mummy Drinks, Sophie Ranald and Sophie Kinsella.

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Swathi’s Thoughts

This new book by Kristen Bailey has an uber cool purple cover and a plot that every woman can relate to. It also has several dates-gone-wrong which are so funny because they are honest. Like the first chapter with Emma’s date which was sufficient enough to hook me through the book.

If you’ve read ‘Has Anyone Seen My Sex Life?’ by Kristin, you’d have been introduced to the Callaghan sisters. But like me, if you haven’t read the book, doesn’t matter, you can easily connect to Emma’s story here and still love the other Callaghan sisters.

Emma is a busy heart surgeon with two daughters, and a cheating husband whom she’s just divorced and still in a process of fighting her marriage with best attorneys to get her kids at her side. Because her husband is a monster and had treated her so badly thoughout their marriage and she’s only trying to regain her long lost confidence with the help of her sister Aunty Lucy who helps Emma with her blind dates and babysitting her girls. It’s hard not to love the cool aunt in Lucy’s character. There are so many laugh-out-loud scenes involving the three of them that brought tears to eyes!

Kristin bailey knows perfectly well to blend humour with sentiment in this hilarious, emotional women’s fiction that is honest-to-God and very relatable to every woman out there going through difficult parenthood, with a career to mind and have to tackle everything together without affording a minute of rest.

I completely enjoyed reading ‘Can I Give My Husband Back?’ and cannot wait to read more books featuring the Callaghan sisters. Thank you Bookouture and Sarah for having me on the Blog Tour for the Book. All opinions are solely mine.

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Meet the Author

Mother-of-four, gin-drinker, binge-watcher, receipt hoarder, enthusiastic but terrible cook. Kristen also writes. She has had short fiction published in several publications including Mslexia & Riptide. Her first two novels, Souper Mum and Second Helpings were published in 2016. In 2019, she was long listed in the Comedy Women in Print Prize and has since joined the Bookouture family. She writes women’s fiction and she hopes her novels have fresh and funny things to say about modern life, love and family.

You can find out more about her at her website:
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