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Book Recommendation – Into The Dark by Fiona Cummins

Into The Dark – Fiona Cummins

Genre: Mystery & Thriller

Published: April 2022, Pan Macmillan

Swathi’s Rating: 3/5

Hi friends, Happy new year 2022!!! So, whats the last book you’d read in 2021? Into the Dark was the last book I’d read and am also planning to start Nina Manning’s new thriller Queen Bee tomorrow. Let’s look out for a good start to the year!!

My Thoughts

I’d become an intense fan of Fiona Cummins after reading When I Was Ten last year and had pushed away all my other books as soon as the publisher approved my request for the proof of her newest title that comes out in February. I have to say, this book was a different kind of suspense, dark yes, psychological yes, but if you ask me about the plot and it’s twists and whether I’d been completely engrossed or not, well I wasn’t. And I had really high expectations. Not that, the book lacked any of it, it’s just that my expectations for a certain few characters were heavy and they did not deliver.

When a family of four disappears from their wealthy mansion in the seaside Midtown, police constable Saul who’s new to the area and the force are immediately involved. Piper Holden, the missing woman and her close friend Julianne are thick as thieves and the police soon start suspecting that there’s more to the family’s disappearance that what meets the eye. Soon shocking revelations are made.

Saul and Blue had been the characters with great potential but weren’t put to better use by the author. They both had their own dark sides to take care and the actual murder case was just a background for them. As for the others in the story, they all made quick appearances and the ending was abruptly done as if left in a hurry.

Into the Dark could have been much much more but wasn’t the author’s best work yet.

About the Book:

THE PLACE: Seawings, a beautiful Art Deco home overlooking the sweep of the bay in Midtown-on-Sea.

THE CRIME: The gilded Holden family – Piper and Gray and their two teenage children, Riva and Artie – has vanished from the house without a trace.

THE DETECTIVE: DS Saul Anguish, brilliant but with a dark past, treads the narrow line between light and shade.

One late autumn morning, Piper’s best friend arrives at Seawings to discover an eerie scene – the kettle is still warm, all the family’s phones are charging on the worktop, the cars are in the garage. But the house is deserted.

In fifteen-year-old Riva Holden’s bedroom, scrawled across the mirror in blood, are three words:


What happens next?

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