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Book Recommendation | Break and Enter – Lori Matthews

Break and Enter – Lori Matthews

Genre: Romantic Thriller

Swathi’s Rating: 4.5/5

About the Book:

Mitch Callahan just got into the private security business, bringing him head-to-head with Alexandra Buchannan, who uses her talents as a thief to equalize the scales of romantic justice. Soon their game of cat and mouse explodes into a million pieces. Unbeknownst to them, there’s another player in the game, and his intentions are far deadlier.

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Swathi’s Thoughts

This is the first book in the series featuring Mitch Callahan and what a delicious treat it was discovering them! I love starting a brand new series and this one was YUM! I can’t begin to express my love for Alex yet. She is fierce, brilliant and resourceful with a killer bod. She is a total package. And what does she do for a living? She displaces ‘assets’ and makes sure it is safe with their rightful owner. Does this involve a lot of breaking and entering that some might call ‘stealing’? Well yeah…but who cares? She only does it because her clients are ladies who are wronged by cunning, egoistic men who treat women like trash. Alex plans her every move, every single step and her exit plans are always on point so that she walks out of the place unnoticed with the asset in hand. One thing she hasn’t planned is stumbling upon the handsome hulk Mitch Callahan whose looks and brain turns out to be a perfect match for hers. Unfortunately they are on opposite sides! What a killer combo they’d make.

Lori Matthews writes a brilliant premise with each chapters ending with a cliffhanger which is a perfect mix of suspense and spice. Alex is a tech Mozart and she has ‘helpers’ outside who would aid her when she’s working on a job. Matthews has clearly done her research on mastering a heist by a female and escape undetected. Break and Enter is a perfect mix of carefully laid thrill and the anticipation of hot romance between the main couple – Alex and Mitch. I could feel my heart thumping harder every time the time of them come together and could almost picture on big screen how the events unfold. Posh, bold and well-researched, this book kept me awake all night until I find out how the final chapter ends! Did I mention Mitch has an equally hotshot brother? I sense a character budding right there and cannot wait to learn more about the Callahan security business.

It is almost as dramatic as a scene from ‘Mission Impossible’ movies and I could only think of Villanelle from ‘Killing eve’ playing the role of Alex Buchannan (if ‘Break and Enter’ becomes a movie!). Lori Matthews is already busy plotting her next Mitch Callahan book that I can’t wait to explore.

Many thanks to the author for providing a copy of the book in exchange for my honest opinion. Highly recommended romantic thriller from me!

Meet the Author

I grew up in a house filled with books and readers. Some of my fondest memories are of reading in the same room with my mother and sisters, arguing about whose turn it was to make tea. No one wanted to put their book down!

I was introduced to romance because of my mom’s habit of leaving books all over the house. One day I picked one up. I still remember the cover. It was a Harlequin by Janet Daily. Little did I know at the time that it would set the stage for my future. I went on to discover mystery novels. Agatha Christie was my favorite. And then suspense with Wilber Smith and Ian Fleming.

I loved the thought of combining my favorite genres, and during high school, I attempted to write my first romantic suspense novel. I wrote the first four chapters and then exams happened and that was the end of that. I desperately hope that book died a quiet death somewhere in a computer recycling facility.

A few years later, (okay, quite a few) after two degrees, a husband and two kids, I attended a workshop in Tuscany that lit that spark for writing again. I have been pounding the keyboard ever since here in New Jersey, where I live with my children—who are thrilled with my writing as it means they get to eat more pizza—and my very supportive husband.

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