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Book Recommendation | Blind Date – Debbie Ioanna #BlogTour

Blind Date by Debbie Ioanna

Genre: Romantic Comedy

About the Book

Warning: This book contains details of embarrassingly awkward sexual encounters and is not for the cringe-hearted.

Thirty year old Jenny has her own house, a good job, friends, a psycho cat and a Mother who is willing to sell her off to the highest bidder. What more could she want from life? Oh yes, a man. In particular, the handsome hunk she works with. The dangerously good looking eye candy makes regular appearances to her office and she must do all in her power not to combust in her seat when he says her name…

Some people were destined to have all the luck, whereas others, like Jenny, were destined to embarrass themselves at every awkward opportunity. After giving up hopes of landing her dream man, Jenny gives in to her best friend’s requests and agrees to go on some blind dates and signs up to a dating app. She discovers some interesting characters whilst having some no-strings fun with her reliable man friend. What’s the worst that could happen?

Follow Jenny’s journey through the Yorkshire town of Halifax filled with disastrous dates and embarrassing sexual encounters in this romantic comedy of modern dating. Will she ever get what she’s looking for? Or is she destined to remain in singledom forever with her crazed cat?


Swathi’s Thoughts

Thirty year young Jenny is desperately single and bring set on blind dates by her engaged BFF Sarah and her mother. All blind dates end up awkward and the persons she meets up are some way or the other weird and impossible to be with.

Jenny doesn’t need any of them though. She’s happy with her job, her 2 bed flat and her savage cat Bing which bites off Vets and puts dead mouse into toilet closet! He only reduces Jenny’s chances of romance. She hates cooking and lives out eating takeaways! Oh did I tell you that she has a huge crush on her office mate and sex God Zack with whom she has hot and sweaty dreams but acts weird when face to face?

Jenny could be me had I not met my man and got married at 24. She draws life reference from FRIENDS and I felt more connected to a fictional character than anyone else in my recent list of friends. Here’s some of Jenny’s thoughts from the book that’d help you know more about her:

"Men are like buses, you spend ages waiting for one and then all of a sudden, two turn up wanting to take you out."
"How come some people posses the skill to put that amount of makeup on without looking like The Joker's evil twin?"

I just love, loved the way Jenny is written to portray every other woman out there. She’s not written to impress. She is just – her! I’m so glad to have been introduced to Author Debbie Ioanna’s books. Glad to say, I’m already on to book two starring Jenny and I freaking love it.

PS : If this review doesn’t tempt you much, please ping me and I’ll rant more until you get yourself a copy.

PPS: If you’re based in Halifax and have had the chance to dine at Ricci’s. then you’re about to love this book!
Thank you Emma from for having me on the blog tour for this and it’s sequel. Very grateful for your book recommendation. The Blind Date is my favorite escape from the had reality and I found myself giggling, smirking, grinning like an idiot and showing several scenes for my husband to read and relate to our life. All opinions are solely mine.

Meet the Author

Debbie Ioanna (Author of Blind Date)

Debbie is a multi-genre indie author and blogger who was born in Bradford and lives there with her husband, two-year-old daughter and anti-social cat Cleo. When she isn’t busy being a Mum, working for her local council or studying towards her Open University degree, she is busy focusing on her writing career.

            Debbie doesn’t write to just one genre as she likes to write about anything. She is currently working on a romantic-comedy series but who knows what she will be working on in the future. As well as writing novels, short stories and blogs for her website, she is also reviewing other works by indie authors. She is passionate about helping other indie authors as she knows it is a hard world to master and getting reviews is a challenge on its own.

            Debbie has been a regular attending author at the UK Indie Lit Fest in Bradford for the last few years and will be returning in 2020, as well as attending events in Shipley and Liverpool for the first time.

            Debbie began studying with the Open University in 2015, aiming towards a BA Honours in Humanities, focusing on History and Creative Writing which are her two greatest passions. It is a part-time course, due to end in 2021 which Debbie is hoping means she will have more time to write.

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