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Book Recommendation | Hermit – S. R. White #BlogTour

Hermit – S. R. White

Genre: Mystery & Thriller

Published: Sept 2020, Headline Books

Swathi’s Rating: 4.5/5

Swathi’s Thoughts

Hermit is the new atmospheric police procedural from Aussie author S. R. White and it is now out in a stunning hardcover from Headline.
Nathan Whittler has disappeared from the face of Earth for 15 years now. Nobody knows where he went and where he lived or died after that. Except one night he was found with blood on his hands near the corpse of the dead supermarket owner from where he steals stuff. 

Detective Dana Russo is a tough woman with a troubled past. She’s suffering from PTSD and keeps herself busy with police work. So when the silent and intriguing Nathan Whittler case comes to her, she knows she’ll have to crack it one way or another. Soon Dana and Nathan seem to reach a little more understanding, easing themselves bit by bit only to reveal shocking stories.

Set in the bush lands of a rainy Australian village, HERMIT has the power to teleport the reader to a different world with plenty of details from the police investigation and a man’s journey through nature and solitude. Also, a strong and witty detective with an equally impressive squad to back her up. This book is a bit extensive on details, so you might need to give a bit more of your time. I had no trouble reading it singlehandedly, escaping myself into the wilderness and enjoying the suspense as it revealed itself slow and steady. It’s a chunk of a book but it’s completely worth it. I’m just lucky enough to have a chance to read it.

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Many, many thanks to Emily at Headline Books for having me on the official blog tour. All opinions mine. 

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