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Book Review – My Heart Sings Your Song – Book One (University Reena & Nikesh #1) by Saz Vora #BlogTour

My Heart Sings Your Song – Book One (University Reena & Nikesh #1) by Saz Vora

Genre: Romance/ Contemporary Fiction

Published: 362 pages, January 12th 2020 by Saz Vora

About the Book

My Heart Sings Your Song – A story of first love, family and destiny
When Reena meets Nikesh, her instinct is to keep away from the wealthy, charming playboy, but her heart has other plans. Can they overcome their differences she the daughter of a factory worker and he from an influential rich Indian family? Find out if they get their Bollywood style happily ever after?
When Nikesh turns up on New Year’s Eve to declare his love. She accepts that they were meant to be together. But the road to their Bollywood romance is fraught and full of obstacles, Sarladevi, Nikesh’s Motaba has other plans for Nikesh. When the family Guru declares that Reena has had a difficult childhood. Reena’s anxiety and inadequacy resurface.
Can Reena overcome her fears of not being good enough to be part of Nikesh’s wealthy family? Will their relationship survive, or will Sarladevi find Nikesh a suitable girl and prevent their happily ever after?

My Thoughts

My Heart Sings Your Song is the first book in the series featuring Reena and Nikesh and what a journey it was to know about these two lovely, honest characters. I must thank Saz Vora for introducing me to her books and getting to befriend Reena and Nikesh had been a pleasure.

Saz writes in a heartfelt, evocative manner that touches so many layers and could connect easily with a reader. The story begins with the early lives of the main couple, as teenagers when they first met, then the journey carries on to show how their relationship grew along with them.

Saz being a Gujarati herself sprinkles her Indian culture into her story in the most delicious ways with recipes and cultures that are to be cherished.

This is a touching British Indian love story that could almost be autobiographical as so many instances from the book are facts rather than fiction. I really liked the feeling of getting to know how it feels like for an Indian to grow up in a different country and yet follow our culture.

If you like Bollywood and Crazy Rich Asians then you ought to try your hands on this debut. I cannot wait to see what Saz has in story for Reena and Nikesh.

Oh, here are the links to spotify if you enjoy music. It is from the books of course!

Where Have We Come

My Heart Sings Your Song

Meet the Author

Saz Vora was born in East Africa and migrated with her family to England in the ‘60’s to the Midlands, where she grew up straddling British and Gujarati Indian culture. Her debut duet My Heart Sings Your Song and Where Have We Come is a story in two parts about love, loss and family, the second book in the series is based on true events that has shaped her outlook on life’s trials and tribulations.
Book One shows the life of East African Asian and takes you to the world of Crazy Rich Asians. Book Two looks at the cultural clashes experienced by young British Asian and reflects the tone set in Me Before You.
Before she started writing South Asian romance, she held down successful jobs in Television Production and Teaching…But her need to write stories has led to what she is doing now – writing.
She lives in London, England with her husband in an empty house as her two beautiful sons have begun their own life journey.

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