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Book Recommendation – One Hot Summer by Anita Waller

One Hot Summer by Anita Waller

Genre: Mystery & Thriller

Published: August 25th 2022, Boldwood Books

Swathi’s Rating: 3.5/5


A city on fire. A killer who can’t be stopped. Who will be next?

When two teenagers are found dead in a fire, DI Laura Henshall and DS Will Peters are called in to investigate. They believe it was a revenge attack gone wrong.

But soon fires are cropping up everywhere, and the police suspect they’re dealing with something much bigger . . . something that could bring the city to its knees.

With time running out, can the detectives find the arsonists before the city goes up in flames?


One Hot Summer was a perfect getaway for the weekend, thanks to the publisher for my advance copy. This is my first Book of the author and I’m very glad I’d found her.

One Hot Summer begins with two teenagers getting murdered in a shed in Sheffield, where the arsonists threw petrol bombs, not knowing there were two innocent lives. What follows is the police investigation but they are nowhere near finding the culprits and the arsonists have only just begun. Soon, there are many summer houses and sheds and shops on fire and more lives are lost. The police try and try to zero in, but somehow the culprits are one step ahead. Time is ticking and DI Laura Henshall and her team must crack the case before more lives are lost.

Pacy and full of likeable characters and even a budding romance, I loved this book. Although there aren’t many mind-blowing twists thrown your way, you’ll not be bored of the book. Being a fan of police procedural, the British way of doing things have always fascinated me. A proper popcorn read to binge read over the weekend. Raced right through it.

About the Author:

Anita Waller: I live in Sheffield, UK. I am retired and have recently fulfilled my lifelong ambition of becoming a published author with Bloodhound Books.
I am married (almost 50 years to Dave) with three children and seven grandchildren.
I am a patchwork and quilting tutor as well as a writer.
My first book was Beautiful and my second, a sequel to Beautiful, is called Angel.

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