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Marriage – a melody

Marriage! Wow that’s a huge thing to think of. At Least that’s what I thought, when I first heard the M word in my life. It could be life changing, no doubt in that. But to take in the right way, positive or negative, solely depends on the concerned two people.

I am married for more than an year now, so you could call me a ‘newly married’ but I would call myself as a ‘newly experienced’ in the world of marriage! During the early days of my marriage, I’d just struggle to ‘make things happen’. But later I realized that’s it’s not as difficult as it seemed to be.

The world’s population is so huge, and yet I chose that particular individual among the  billions, to be my spouse! And why did I do that? There might have been variety of reasons (I am still trying decipher a few!), but the only thing that matters is Happiness! I am proud to say that we’re a happy couple, very much in love and blessed relationship.

How did I do it?

It’s pretty simple. Yours could have been a love marriage, or an arranged marriage, or a contemporary mix of both! See, there are interesting things in just getting married on the BIG DAY! But the fact is, you’re now married. People say, that “the marriages are made in heaven” but to maintain them is now your responsibility.  Now when I say you, it means both husband and wife. A successful Marriage is highly mutual, and only possible if both individuals pour their hearts in achieving the same!

There are a few people who talk about ‘making things happen’, while others ‘talk of things that have happened’. Others just wonder, ‘What the hell happened?!’. YOU must belong to the first category. Let me tell you a bitter truth, there are going to be some serious unwarned troubles coming your way, that you’re not even aware of existence. But they do exist. When they do come, you will fight them, defend your relationship, and shield it with the unadulterated love you guys share! Awwwww that sounds sweet, doesnt it?

Marriage would bring you joy, auspiciousness and well-being. All three are independent factors that cannot be compromised.

Let’s discuss more on purity and beauty in a healthy relationship in my upcoming blogs! Until then, you have a great day! See ya!!


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