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Book Review – Force of Nature – Jane Harper

Hey guys, I am back with the review of another amazing book I completed yesterday. I can’t wait to share my experiences with you!

Force of Nature is the second in the Aaron Falk series by Jane Harper. If you’ve not read the first book, it’s okay. There is now background needed for the lead character, just the suspense keeps you up.


So here comes the plot: A corporate hike for the weekend- 2 teams of 5 men and 5 women participate. By the end, the men’s team return on time, and the women are late. As they’re just about to retreat, 4 out of 5 women return with severe injuries on themselves. What happened to the fifth?

“The Melbourne hiker was still missing. The road gently swung to the north and suddenly Falk could see the hills of the Giralang Ranges on the horizon . . . he had grown up in a place not unlike it. Isolated terrain, where trees grew thick and dense on land that was reluctant to let anything escape.”

Meanwhile federal agent Aaron Falk receives a mysterious voice mail from the missing women, which drives him to look for her. Why has she called him, and what is she trying to say?

Intrigued, Aaron determines to investigate between friendships, betrayals, suspicion, the truth he finds out is definitely not what we expected.

I found the plot to be interesting because the entire story revolves around the woods, no other locations included. It’s hard to build such a suspense with a single location, it might get monotonous. But the author has done a great job to keep her audience awake till the very last.


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