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Book Review – Little Sister – Isabel Ashdown

A big thanks to Kensington Books for an ARC.

Little Sister is a fast paced psychological thriller, that got me turning pages within seconds.

Little Sisterpostpg

The story is about two sisters Emily and Jess, who were very close while growing up. Hardly an year apart in age, they made sure to look after and complement each other. But as years passed, their relationship somehow fell part, and are now estranged. Less do we know, that the reasons for them moving apart, is far more dangerous than just a sisters fight!

Now, Jess moves in with Emily in the nice neighborhood of Isle of wight, along with Emily’s husband and their family. Just as they were beginning to get close again, relishing their childhood memories (good ones of course!), things start to fall apart. Again!

Jess babysits Daisy, who mysteriously disappears that night, and Jess simply cannot recollect what happened (She had passed out, when they found her). But Emily knows something more than she says, doesn’t she? Does she feel helpless as she watches her sister suffer? Is she trustable, the good big sister? Only, this doesn’t stop here at the present. It goes way back to THAT night, which led to the sister’s story that drove them apart. Nobody can be trusted, behind the perfect looking family that hides the long buried lies and secrets of the past.

The story shifts between the characters, as they speak their point of view. That’s where we get to see the author’s crafted writing, who paints contrast in between the characters. Already gripped to the novel, I expect more unexpected twists through the plot, that I can’t wait to unveil.




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