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Book Review – Something in the water | Catherine Steadman

Something in the water – Catherine Steadman

Published June 5th 2018 by Simon & Schuster UK

Swathi’s rating: 4/5

Verdict: Page turning, domestic psychological thriller and beach read.

Thanks to @reesesbookclubxhellosunshine for this lovely recommendation, I had a great time reading this book. Super excited to see Reese produce the book into something like BIG LITTLE LIES! Wow, with that exciting note, I’m beginning my unbiased review on this great read.

soemthing in the water

As far I see, I can easily divide this book into 3 segments, as the storyline leads.

Part 1: Something bad has happened. Erin Locke digs a pit for her own husband Mark, in the middle of nowhere, all by herself. She also thinks of disposing his belongings, including his fingerprints, and mobile phone.

Questions begin to pop like, Did she kill her husband? Why would she bury her husband? What the hell is she doing?

Part 2: Flashback begins. The story of Mark and Erin Begins. Erin a documentary film maker, and Mark, an Investment Banker. Their first meet, falling in love, Engagement, the Wedding, and finally their Honeymoon. The thrill begin during their fun filled adventurous Honeymoon in the Islands of Bora Bora, swimming, scuba diving, and sun bathing. Meanwhile Erin meets some interesting/troublesome characters for her documentary, who are likely to cause troubles in her own life.

Slow storyline alert: This is where the pace of the book is really slow, as the author builds suspense, very slow and steadily. No twist in the tale for a very long time. Patience is all you need at this stage.

Part 3: All is well, until a storm hits the Island and the couple find some “things” floating on the water, during their scuba diving sessions. They decide to take the “things” with them, and report it to the hotel, but things have to get weirder, don’t they? Soon they discover that the findings are much more dangerous and they’re super stuck with them.

The biggest question arises, How do we dispose them?

The decision is going to change their lives forever. Will they escape the danger that’s approaching? Will they save themselves?

I gave 4 stars for the amazing writing by Catherine Steadman. The step-by-step building up of suspense is a great concept, as she uses appropriate “chapter names” to hint the readers, what to expect next. The entire story is narrated in the POV of Erin Locke, whose character is portrayed as an Independent, strong yet confused women who makes the wrong life choices, and keeps secrets from her husband. She is intelligent, and well read because of al her film school training, which makes her think logically. Yet, it doesn’t’ stop her from making some very bad mistakes. As the story develops, the reader gets to a conclusion that Erin is the culprit here, a bad wife who keeps secrets from her loving, handsome husband. That’s where the twist in the tale occurs, and sweeps you off the feet.

Yet, I feel the “ending” to be blunt, and abrupt. Maybe we should expect a sequel to book stating what happens to erin after all the chaos, because it just stops all of a sudden. So that’s why I cut 1 star from 5.

All the opinions are my own. Until next time.

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