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Book Review – Murder Notes – Lisa Renee Jones

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Today I am reviewing my current read, “Murder Notes” an amazing crime fiction by Lisa Renee Jones. Thanks to NetGalley for an exclusive E-copy of the book. I’ve just started reading yesterday, and I am already more than 30% into the book. That explains the pace of the book, especially the super-crisp writing of the author.

Murder Notes

Here is how the story goes…

The lead protagonist is Lilah Love, an FBI profiler. Her job is to find killers, for which she needs to think like a killer, by getting into their heads. When a series of murders take place in New York, just weeks from one another, Lilah’s instincts tell her that it’s not a serial murder, but planned assassinations. All victims are killed in an identical manner. Stripped naked before death, a single clean shot to their head. The killer’s MO is quite unique, and shows every sign of an assassin at work.

As she starts her investigation, she’s called on to her hometown New Hamptons where a similar murder awaits her as a homecoming gift. The daughter of Mayor, Sister of Police Chief, and an intimate past with the local don’s son, leaves her in a trapped situation, where she must fight not to become the next victim of a dangerous enemy, close to home.

So far so good. I love a fast paced book, especially when there is a murder to solve. The author had made sure the first few chapters are fierce enough for her readers to hinge to the book. The characters sound a bit dramatic in a Thriller of this level. For instance, detective Lilah Love’s character is described more of a bittersweet 28 year old FBI profiler, who blurts out at almost everyone she encounters. Drunk with power, I must say. I am intrigued to see how the characters turn out in a long run.

The book released on March 27, 2018 with 900+ 4-star rating on Goodreads.

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