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Audio Book Review | The Patient Man ~ Joy Ellis #BlogTour

The Patient Man by Joy Ellis

Genre: Crime Thriller

Version: Audio Book

About the Book:

Joy Ellis returns with the sixth highly-anticipated Jackman and Evans investigation, brilliantly performed by Richard Armitage. Join the detective duo as they enter a lethal game of cat-and-mouse with old nemesis, serial killer Alistair Ashcroft, and battle to locate a deadly sniper taunting the police.

Is it too much to bear for Jackman and Evans?

Brimming with Joy Ellis’ trademark twists and turns, this unmissable crime thriller will keep you captivated until the very end.


Swathi’s Thoughts:

Jackman’s bad dream showed the alistor ashcroft shooting Marie and killing her in the barn. The dream felt so real he could not get his mind off it. They’re ushered to a burglary at a gun club where the burglars stole two rifles from the club owner’s place. Why only two guns when there were much costlier rifles present just near them? What’s so special with those rifles? Jackman wonders.

Meanwhile the daughter of the gun club owner is a missing persons case that got worked up in the press and Media a while back and Marie and Jackman can’t help but think of the connections.

Not to miss the cat and mouse chase between Jackman and Alistair Ashcroft is back as the psychopath chooses the right moment to show off himself to the police team by sending a photograph taken 2 months ago outside the station. Which means he’s been watching them for several weeks now and they’d no idea. What could this mean? And why this moment? Is there a connection here they’re missing? Jackman’s mind is swirling with questions.

The narrative shifts between the police investigation catching a glimpse of Alistair himself. The pace quickens as the story deepens and Richard Armitage makes sure his audience don’t miss a single emotion with her perfect performance. I loved his meticulous readout and was pretty much hooked to it right from the beginning. This is my first try on audio books, thanks to Midas PR for the opportunity. I must say I’m beginning to like the easiness of reading a book and experiencing it. Recommend it to thriller fans and followers of Joy Ellis’s books who have a pretty good knowledge about the Detectives and the villain in the series. All opinions are solely mine and unbiased.

Meet the Author:

Joy Ellis started her career as a flower seller in Mayfair in the 1960s, before going on to open her own florist in Surrey. When the recession hit, Joy had a career change and became a bookseller, and attended a writing course in Greece where she was mentored by Sue Townsend. She now lives in the Fens with her partner Jacqueline, where the flatlands and marshes provide inspiration for her eerie plotlines.

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