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Book Review | Till We Meet Again ~ Shibaji Bose

Till We Meet Again by Shibaji Bose

Genre: Literary Fiction

Published: Sept 2019, Srishti Publishers

About the Book:

Aryan is a young man with an extra-ordinary zeal to discover himself. His tryst with destiny begins when his father becomes the victim of political violence. He is suddenly the man of the house. In trying to bring together his breaking family, and win back their family home, he experiences life through encounters with some incredible women. Rhea helps inculcate a sense of purpose in his life. Kavya is vivacious, Flirty and sensuous, who makes him bolder. Priya teaches him lessons none else could have, and Ahana is an innocent poet at heart, who makes him shed the garb of the hermit. Till we meet again is a story of a sleepy neighbourhood, which transforms into a modern-day ghetto of gated communities, riding the real estate juggernaut. A story of resilience and determination, it’s a heady cocktail of familial bonds, hope, deceit, vengeance and love.


Swathi’s Thoughts: 

Right from his youth, Aryan wants and believes something extraordinary is going to happen with his life. He simply refuses to be an average guy with an average face that gets forgotten among the millions. He simply can’t do that. He is ready to defend himself against the odds to achieve his dreams. In order to do that, he will have to equip himself with the right education and choose an appropriate career. An over enthusiastic Aryan is nothing without positivity. But fate has different plans for him. When his father dies in unforeseen circumstances, Aryan’s life is shattered and he now has to bear on his shoulders the pressure of taking care of his middle class family. How does a simple man from an ordinary family face his mediocre issues and still achieve his dreams? Will he or will he not do something useful with his life, forms the rest of the story.

I can relate to this story in so many levels, coming from an Indian family myself. The characters in the book are relatable and I almost felt like I’m reading an autobiography! Till We Meet Again is fast paced, page turner that depicts the life of every other ordinary man’s day-today life in the most uplifting way possible.

Meet the Author:

Shibaji is currently a self-employed professional, working as a partner with a Business Consulting firm called Positive Vibes Consulting and Advisory. He is an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management (IISWBM) Kolkata. He was born in Madhupur (Jharkhand) and brought up in Odisha. He has completed his graduation in Economics from the Ravenshaw College in Cuttack.

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