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Book Review – She ~ Helen C Warner

‘She’ by Helen Warner

Genre: Romance, Women’s Fiction

Published: 23 Jan 2020

Swathi’s Rating: 3.5/5

About the Book: 

Ben can’t believe his luck when Bella walks into his life, just when he needs her most. Sexy, impulsive and intelligent, Bella is everything he ever wanted. And Bella wants him. All to herself.

In fact, Bella decides that everything is better when it is just the two of them, making it harder for Ben’s friends and family to stay in touch. And then a sudden tragedy triggers a chain of events which throws Ben headlong into a nightmare.

Secrets, lies, vengeance and betrayal are at the heart of this utterly twisted story about a family that is destroyed when SHE becomes part of it…


Swathi’s Thoughts:

I picked this book completely out of luck on a Sunday afternoon, intrigued by the premise. I needed a break from reading hardcore crime thrillers. Since, this book promised a romantic suspense, I picked it up right away. Although, I must say, there was more of suspense and very little romance involved.

Ben is heartbroken when his long time girlfriend Charlotte breaks it off with him and moves out. That’s when he meets the bold and beautiful Bella in a restaurant one fine day. It was love at first sight for them, immediately followed by a quiet wedding due to unexpected pregnancy! Ben’s family and friends remain clueless as they stare at this mysterious beauty walk down the aisle with no one except her awkward mom attending her wedding.

Only after the wedding, Ben starts to realise that behind the beautiful face of Bella there’s something terrifying and dangerous that could change his life forever. Who is She? What does she want? You’ve to read further to find out.

‘She’ was a very quick and easy read for me. The suspense kept me going, even though there wasn’t enough depth to know any of the characters better. Both Ben and Bella came out irritating and predictable and I had to cross my fingers and wish for a twist to come and blow my mind off. Sadly, it was only a mild turn of events towards the end. Lies, secrets, lust, and dishonesty can destroy someone’s life and an entire family. Written boldly by Helen Warner, I’d recommend this thriller to anyone who’s looking for a fast moving plot to binge upon.

Many thanks to HQ for offering a digital proof in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are solely mine and no way biased.

Meet the Author:

SHE is my fifth novel and it’s a bit of a departure from my previous novels. I’ve taken a diversion from commercial women’s fiction into psychological thriller territory and it’s been so much fun tapping into my darker side!

It’s also the first novel I’ve written as a full-time author, rather than on my commute to work in London, as I did with the first four.

I was born in Northern Ireland and moved to East Anglia when I was 4 years old. After school, I studied English Literature at the University of London (Goldsmiths College) before landing my first job in TV. I always knew that I wanted to be a TV journalist and loved my first job at London Tonight, but the holy grail for me was always working as a producer on This Morning, then presented by Richard & Judy. My dream came true in 1995 and I moved up to Liverpool to be a day producer on my favourite show.

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